Oh, These Endless Fears – Timothy J Simpson

The exciting and incredibly charged Timothy J Simpson delves deeply and effortlessly into the blues rock genre in fine fashion for his latest album effort ‘Oh, These Endless Fears’. The new album features Simpson with offering a platter of enjoyable songs that echo everything that is enjoyable about the blues rock genre. Simpson seems to present everything with such confidence, as though it is natural and easy for him, giving ‘Oh, These Endless Fears’ a wonderful feeling as it runs throughout the various tracks. There is a lot to enjoy on this album, which features Timothy J Simpson ticking many of the boxes.

What makes ‘Oh, These Endless Fears’ so enjoyable is how easy and effortless Timothy J Simpson seems to make everything seem. There’s a lot of technical precision here and there that has gone into the music, showcasing of course Simpson’s wonderful creative style. It all comes across so brilliantly though, with the main appealing element above all else being how enjoyable and full of rock the album is. It’s hard not to rock your head with the music here and there, and it’s hard not to get sucked into the more relaxing moments as well. ‘Oh, These Endless Fears’ comes across as a wonderfully strong album effort that manages to do a lot right.

Although a lot is done correctly on ‘Oh, These Endless Fears’, it seems though that Timothy J Simpson has made a few blunders here and there. There is certainly some diversity present on the album, but it seems many of the tracks on the album just offer the same full force rock experience, and when compared with each other, don’t really offer much that is different to each other. It’s a little annoying at times, as it’d be much more enjoyable if Timothy J Simpson just pumped out some great tracks that offers some diversity in their sound as well. 

Although there’s a few blunders here and there, the overall effort from Timothy J Simpson has resulted in a very strong album effort. So much of ‘Oh, These Endless Fears’ comes across as lovely upbeat music that is so easily accessible and enjoyable. A lot of Timothy J Simpson’s talents and creative ideas are presented in very strong style on the album effort, making it a very strong and very enjoyable album. It might have a few kinks here and there, but it seems enough of the album works well enough to iron out its own mistakes.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Oh, These Endless Fears
  • That Girl, Spread-Legged, The Canvas
  • Bad Girls
  • That Door

Timothy J Simpson’s latest album effort ‘Oh, These Endless Fears’ is out now and can be purchased at: http://timothyjsimpsonandthemd.bandcamp.com/ 

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