Robbery EP – OSB (Formerly 1-Speed Bike)

Musician, composer and DJ Aidan Girt offers a new release from his 1-Speed Bike project, this time released under the new moniker of OSB. Released last year in January, the new EP follows on from the previous 1-Speed Bike release of ‘Pashto Translator Needed’, and sees much of the same re-working and re-modeling that made Girt’s previous releases so interesting. ‘Robbery’ follows on in much of the same fashion, featuring cryptic spoken word monologues, set alongside Girt’s instrumental style. It seems this time round though that Girt has expanded somewhat upon the sound previous expressed in his works, creating something that is both similar yet new to himself.

‘Robbery’ is in some ways a typical Girt release, featuring the same codes and conventions that feel so familiar in comparison to his previous works. We have the same monologues, the same electronic percussion and movements trudging everything along at peculiar yet interesting paces. It seems though that ‘Robbery’ is more dominated by the use of bass clarinet hums and drones, or at the very least what sounds like bass clarinet. It sounds remarkably similar to one of Girt’s earlier projects Exhaust, which featured strong use of drone sounds, set alongside tape loops, bass and percussive beats. It’s all very interesting, and it’s easy to see Girt’s creative process present in the recordings. Those who enjoyed the oddly bizarre yet still enjoyable and highly interesting music from Exhaust and 1-Speed Bike will find much to enjoy from ‘Robbery’, which seems to bridge the gap between the two different projects.  In some ways, it’s arguable that ‘Robbery’ isn’t as well structured as 1-Speed Bike’s debut album ‘Droopy Butt Begone!’, or as diverse as ‘Pashto Translator Needed’, though it still comes across as a strong and enjoyable effort.

Although it’s a little weird and unusual, it’s still everything one would expect and enjoy from Aidan Girt (if one is familiar with his music of course). The ‘Robbery’ EP seems to offer a new chapter in the music being offered by Girt, and is one that sounds every bit as creative and enjoyable as his previous works. We can only hope that this small EP release spurns Girt on to continue creating his somewhat unique branch of music. ‘Robbery’ is certainly an enjoyable EP and certainly pushes the wish to want more from Girt.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Circumstance Might Be Criminal
  • Bigger Things Rolling Over Us
  • Some Of Us Have Got It Made

OSB (Formerly 1-Speed Bike)’s latest release ‘Robbery’ is out now and can be purchased at:  

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