Co-Patriot – Josh Matthews

The wonderfully inventive Josh Matthews offers up his latest album effort ‘Co-Patriot’, featuring much more of the highly creative and genre-defying style that Matthews has used to make a name for himself. Matthews showcases a wonderful style that combines elements of alternative acoustic music with a half-spoken half-sung baritone vocal style. The whole effort comes across incredibly strongly, with Matthews’ wonderful creative ideas contributing enormously to what comes across as a delightful and easily accessible and enjoyable album effort.

‘Co-Patriot’ comes across as a strong album effort that manages to sounds experimental, yet comes across as completely accessible at the same time. Josh Matthews creative process as worked wonderfully for his new album, which exudes enjoyment at every corner. The main appealing element of ‘Co-Patriot’ is the sound that Matthews has pushed out as his own, which could be described as Johnny Cash meets Gil Scott-Heron. The style and sound presented sounds wonderfully unique to Matthews, and perfectly expresses his many creative ideas. As well as being creative and experimental, everything also sounds wonderfully upbeat, presenting positive emotions and feelings. ‘Co-Patriot’ has many strengths to it as an album, and works well in presenting great songs that sound good when listened to separately from the album, and as a part of the album.

Although there’s a great many strengths to ‘Co-Patriot’, it is weakened slightly by the running time of the record itself. Whilst a great number of the songs offer wonderfully towards the whole album itself, it does seem that one or two songs (whilst sounding great) do extent the album’s length to longer than it needs to be. If the album was shortened by one or two songs, then it would truly tick all the boxes that it’s hoping to achieve. Although it can be described as a little bit too long, there’s still enough that works well to present the whole album effort as one that is strong.

Josh Matthews has worked out a wonderful style for himself, which he presents with such effortless ease that it seems like absolutely anybody could do it. ‘Co-Patriot’ contains a wonderful array of songs which just work in so many different rights. It takes one thing to create your own style to present your music, but it takes even more to present the style correctly and make it sound like the best thing for your music. Matthews manages to use experimental ideas on his record, and make them work well at the same time. Matthews has managed to achieve many strengths on ‘Co-Patriot’, making it a record worthy of recognition.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • A Good Life
  • Level Ground
  • Honest Man
  • May I Lie

Josh Matthews’ latest album ‘Co-Patriot is set for release on 29th April 2014.

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