Girl – Pharrell Williams

Following on from a string of highly successful releases and collaborations here and there, Pharrell Williams presents his latest solo-album effort titled ‘Girl’. Featuring funky tunes and catchy rhythms, Pharrell Williams offers a very enjoyable selection of popular accessible music. The new album is in some ways rather typical sounding of what someone of Williams’ status would produce, though it all seems to come across rather strongly, with mostly everything being done correctly, in a way that nearly everyone could enjoy. There’s a number of great songs present on ‘Girl’, which also comes across as a strong album effort as well.

What makes ‘Girl’ so enjoyable is how catchy and enjoyable everything sounds. There’s something infectious about the bass lines and beats that push everything along, accompanied by Williams’ strong vocal style. It’s not just that it all sounds catchy, but it also sounds good in its own respective right. Everything is upbeat and happy (helped of course by the inclusion of the hit single ‘Happy’ no doubt). The album also features a good number of collaborations, some of which seem to really add to the tracks they accompany, rather than just add a name to the credits of the song. The collaborations in question seem to work well in accompanying the albums’ strengths, and adding their own skills to it, rather than taking over. Many of Williams’ efforts seem to have worked incredibly well, making it one of his best releases so far in his already highly lucrative career.

Whilst ‘Girl’ works on many levels, it does seem to fall short here and there. Whilst some of the collaborations work really well, others seem to add a confusing element that seems to break up the album somewhat. One particular instance seems to be the inclusion of a collaboration with Daft Punk (a collaboration which worked incredibly well for Daft Punk on their most recent album ‘Random Access Memories’). This new track on ‘Girl’ for some reason just doesn’t seem to work very well, and sounds like an attempt to recapture the success of their previous work, but in the process regrettably falling flat. Even the collaboration with Miley Cyrus is somewhat questionable, as it’s one of the few on the album where the collaborators efforts seem to be about drawing attention to her, rather than accompanying and assisting the album.

Whilst a few elements haven’t come across as strongly as Pharrell Williams may have wished for, enough of the album works well enough to present it as a strong and enjoyable album effort. Many of the tracks contribute towards the overall album in a strong and worthy way and certainly present it as one of Williams’ strongest efforts thus far in his career. Everything just seems to have been done correctly, which so many artists nowadays seem to fail at. Considering Williams’ performance these past few years in the music scene, and how strong an album ‘Girl’ is, it seems there is no stopping him when it comes to his music.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Hunter
  • Happy
  • Lost Queen
  • It Girl

Pharrell Williams’ latest album ‘Girl’ is set for release on 3rd March 2014.

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  1. Jen

    Stream the album on iTunes now!

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