Winter – Castleview

Winter cover art

Following on from the compilation release of ‘Artifacts’, ambient musician Castleview offers his latest album experience ‘Winter’. Inspired by the harsh winters of the recent months, Castleview takes us on an incredibly dark and harrowing ambient experience that seems to stray away from previous Castleview releases in a very creative way. ‘Winter’ as an album is much more minimalist, and much more dark than some of the previous releases, but all the same comes across as one of the most interesting out of all of Castleview’s releases thus far.

‘Winter’ comes across as somewhat experimental for Castleview, sounding like an experiment in ambient music that he has not yet presented. Across the four tracks on ‘Winter’ we’re treated to very dark and foreboding imagery, conjuring up the more darker elements of the recent winter months through the expression of music. Although it’s a rather haunting experience, it works incredibly well as an album experience, and one that can easily be indulged in as an expression of creative ideas. The album is dominated by deep yet minimalist drones that perfectely convey the presentation of winter that Castleview ultimately wants to get across.

There’s little that’s wrong with ‘Winter’ as an album, which is a wonderful expression of the story and idea that Castleview wants to get across. It should probably be mentioned that ‘Winter’ is much more inaccessible than some of Castleview’s previous releases, and much less inviting due to the story it presents. With it’s dark tones, it’s a much harder listen to get involved in, as it’s ambient music that is much more foreboding, and stays within the foreground of the mind for the most part. Although it’s a more challenging listen though, it is a much more interesting one that is certainly rewarding in its own right.

Castleview has certainly done well on ‘Winter’, which presents brilliant imagery in a wonderful way that is complimentary. It’s certainly enjoyable (in its own way) to see Castleview expanding upon his own ambient styles, which has certainly been hinted here and there on some of his previous releases. ‘Winter’ conjures up a cold and harsh image that is perfectely reminiscent of the previous months, and thus achieves what Castleview has set out to achieve on his new album. Considering the creative process that has gone into this album, it’d be interesting to see that process utilized once again, though perhaps in another style of ambient music that has been previous hinted upon. It’d certainly be interesting to see where Castleview takes his music next time.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Dark Forest
  • Winter
  • Blizzard

Castleview’s latest album ‘Winter’ is out now and can be purchased at:

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