Chante Georges Brassens – Mountain Men

The phenomenal blues duo made up of Mathieu ‘Mr. Mat’ Guillou & Ian ‘Barefoot iano’ Giddey, also known as Mountain Men, return with their double-disc live album ‘Chante Georges Brassens’. The new live album captures the electric performance from the bands’ concert in Saint Malo. Across two discs of music, clocking in at roughly an hour and forty minutes of music, we’re treated to a wonderful selection of tracks from Georges Brassens repertoire, performed by Mountain Men with such amazing confidence and energy. Although this release is much more accessible to french audiences, there is still something universally understandable and accessible about the music Mountain Men present, which easily allows any fan to dive straight into the energy of the live performance presented on the two discs.

To those familiar with Mountain Men’s brilliant blues style, which makes prominent use of acoustic guitars and harmonicas, there’ll be a lot that is familiar and enjoyable on ‘Chante Georges Brassens’. Although the songs are not Mountain Men’s, the presentation is ultimately their own, which works phenomenally well for the music of Georges Brassens. Mountain Men go from song to song, never once losing the energy that they present from the moment the first track begins. The live album itself presents a wonderful insight into the energy and performance of Mountain Men in their live setting, who seem to grab the audience and pull them into their world of blues music. To hear the audience indulging in the more well known moments of Georges Brassens’ songs and accompany Mountain Men in their own performance just brings a smile to the face, and certainly showcases Mountain Men’s strong and commanding performance.

Even though live music albums always come with an element of longing to be at the venue itself, which normally negates any effect from a live album release, it seems though that Mountain Men have pushed so much into ‘Chante Georges Brassens’, making it such a positive and enjoyable album release. So much of the album comes across as strong, with the only weakness perhaps being how the album itself might sound a little bit inaccessible to non-French audiences, who the music ultimately isn’t really aimed for. Mountain Men though present such a wonderful performance on ‘Chante Georges Brassens’ that it ultimately seems to transcend the national barriers, with the enjoyment of the music easily sucking anyone from any nationality in.

‘Chante Georges Brassens’ might be different to some of Mountain Men’s previous releases (mostly in that it contains none of their own songs), but once the album has been listened to in its entirety, it all begins to make sense. This is ultimately a Mountain Men release true and true, who take the music of Georges Brassens and present it in such a strong and enjoyable way that it ultimately becomes their own. It’s a perfect tribute to such a strong song-writer, who with no doubt would have most likely enjoyed the style Mountain Men present almost as much as the audience do on the album itself. ‘Chante Georges Brassens’ is a wonderful addition to Mountain Men’s repertoire, and certainly a joy to listen to.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★★ 5/5

Selected Songs:

  • Don Juan
  • La Complainte Des Filles De Joie
  • Le Gorille
  • Supplique Pour Etre Enterre A La Plage De Sete

Mountain Men’s latest live album ‘Chante Georges Brassens’ is set for release on 5th May 2014.

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