Catalin – Eluvium

Eluvium (Matthew Robert Cooper) once again offers another gorgeous ambient experience with his latest EP release ‘Catalin’. The new EP made up of two new compositions, both roughly 20 minutes in length each, cements Eluvium’s position as one of the forerunners in the current ambient music scene today. ‘Catalin’ comes across as another gorgeous musical experience which contains all the wonderful creativity and emotion that makes up the music that Eluvium presents. There might only be two tracks to enjoy here on ‘Catalin’, but it comes across as such as a perfect ambient music experience that does exactly what one would expect an ambient album to do.

It’s hard to fault ‘Catalin’ in terms of the experience the album offers. The two droning compositions on the album are so wonderfully relaxing and gentle. Nothing ever seems to interrupt the music at any point, but rather everything comes in gently and peacefully, creating an almost lulling music experience that could easily let people drift off. The two tracks themselves both offer different musical experiences when it comes down to their actual sounds, though they both compliment each other very well, both working together to present a strong album experience. Perhaps fans of Eluvium might find the long composed droning elements that dominate the two tracks a little dull in comparison with Eluvium’s previous work, which often introduces new elements at times to keep the music going. We can see where people who think this are coming from, but at the same time the subtleties of ‘Catalin’, and how the two tracks just go on and on in their relaxing states are just incredibly appealing and enjoyable.

Eluvium might just have released one of his best sounding releases with ‘Catalin’, which sounds much more like a traditional ambient album, much like the music of Brian Eno. Perhaps long tracks can be challenging to some, but ‘Catalin’ offers the listener a chance to just lie back and let the music envelope them in everything it has to offer. It’s a gorgeous and relaxing affair, which is exactly what it should most likely be. We could argue that Eluvium hasn’t pushed himself to create something that is new or exciting (like with some of his previous albums), but at the same time, ‘Catalin’ just works incredibly well with what it tries to offer.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Memory Print Boutique
  • Welcome Home/Ceaseless Sea

Eluvium’s latest release ‘Catalin’ was released on a limited run of 300 copies and is now sold out. 

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