Eternal Lips EP – Eternal Lips

A thoroughly pop-music experience that contains hints of experimentation that certainly branches off the genre in a very enjoyable way, musician  Grey Gersten, working under the moniker of Eternal Lips presents a very enjoyable EP experience with their latest self-titled effort. Sporting a somewhat lo-fi music experience, Eternal Lips present pop-music conventions in a much more enjoyable way that what people could think was capable of the genre. Everything comes across as a little bit experimental yet ultimately accessible and enjoyable, showcasing a great amount of talent from Gersten.

Everything sounds lush and enjoyable on ‘Eternal Lips’, with gentle yet fun instrumentals moving the songs along at an enjoyable pace. Across five tracks we’re presented an enjoyable selection of slightly experimental yet still easily accessible music that is easily enjoyable. Something about the music being presented on ‘Eternal Lips’ is just wonderfully colorful and enjoyable, with the slightly more experimental ideas coming across very strongly on the album. The album even sports some collaboration with TV on the Radio’s Kyp Malone, and Sharon Van Etten, both who really contribute nicely to the overall album’s sound and presentation. There’s a lot to enjoy on ‘Eternal Lips’, which certainly works very well for the most part. We can perhaps question some of the slightly experimental ideas present on the EP, one of which is the inclusion of a track consisting only of dialogue. In terms of the whole EP experience, the track itself seems to break the flow of the album, giving it a questionable quality of what is the tracks’ purpose on this EP? Perhaps it works on some level, but it seems to be a bit of an odd idea.

Even though some of Gersten’s ideas may not have come across as strongly as he may have wished, the overall EP does come across as a very strong and enjoyable effort, that is certainly an easily accessible one. It’s not just that everything on the EP is fun and enjoyable, but it also sports some great ideas that are certainly creative. Gersten has a lot of talent under his belt it seems, which have come across very nicely on his new EP effort. It’ll certainly be enjoyable to see where Gersten can take his Eternal Lips project in the future.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Dream Hesitate
  • Dance
  • Wreck
  • Voice

Eternal Lips’ new EP ‘Eternal Lips’ is out now.

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