Mess – Liars

Experimental rock band Liars follow up on their 2012 album release of ‘WIXIW’ with their latest album release titled ‘Mess’. The new album from Liars seems to follow on ever so slightly from the sound presented on ‘WIXIW’, with the new album sporting a very intense electronic rock experience. Most of ‘Mess’ is incredibly heavy and indulgent, sounding similar to some of the songs sported on some of the previous albums, but all together sounding much more concrete and thought-out. Liars seem to progress more and more with each album they release, and ‘Mess’ is definitely no exception.

‘Mess’ features much of Liars’ distinct sound of electronic rock music, though unlike previous albums where there was a rather experimental edge to it all, ‘Mess’ utilizes it in an incredibly strong and well-thought out way. Heavy electronic synths dominate the songs, pounding them into submission as it progresses along the length of the album. Everything sounds brilliant on ‘Mess’, with it perhaps being Liars’ most accessible and strong-sounding album. Each song contributes brilliantly to the overall album, with the whole experience never lulling at any point. Dare it be said that ‘Mess’ is Liars’ strongest album in their current discography? There’s certainly some validity to the statement.

It’s hard to fault Liars on their latest album, which seems to be the bands’ most polished and accomplished effort thus far. The sound presented on the album sounds so much more accessible than anything the band has released previously, yet it doesn’t stray away from what the band presents with each of their albums. Perhaps the heavy electronic elements of the album are a little too harsh for some listeners, giving the album an inaccessible element in fact! The album itself is still so strong, sounding like Liars really pushing themselves musically and creatively, creating an album effort that sounds incredibly natural for them, yet still something new and exciting.

Liars always seem to out-do themselves with each albums, even if it means straying away from their previous work to create something new. On ‘Mess’, Liars haven’t just created something new for themselves but have also managed to hone in on their own style from their previous work and refine it to perfection. ‘Mess’ is perhaps Liars’ best work in their career thus far, being a perfect level of accessible and experimental. It’s easily an album we would expect from Liars, and at the same time wouldn’t expect from the band. It’s certainly an exciting effort that easily fits its way into the bands’ already exciting discography. It’s a hard album to fault in many ways, as it is an album where so much as been done right.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★★  5/5

Selected Songs:

  • Vox Tuned D.E.D.
  • Pro Anti Anti
  • Can’t Hear Well
  • Perpetual Village

Liars’ seventh studio album ‘Mess’ is set for release on 24/25th March 2014.

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