…And Four Other Songs EP – No Man’s Valley

Full of energy and rock aesthetics, rock-group No Man’s Valley offer their latest release, full of crunchy guitars and hefty vocal performances. Across the five tracks being offered on the new EP, No Man’s Valley showcase their great style of music that is certainly full of energy. ‘…And Four Other Songs’ might be a rather short EP in some ways, but it comes across as a brilliant introduction to the branch of rock music that No Man’s Valley are presenting. Everything comes across as being strong and fun, with the presentation of their own style being one of No Man’s Valley’s best strengths.

It’s hard not to see what’s so enjoyable about No Man’s Valley’s music. The band’s talents in terms of their song-writing and the presentation of their own music come across incredibly well on their new EP, showing off the band in a very strong light. The EP comes across with incredibly enjoyable and accessible songs, with the five tracks contributing nicely towards the overall experience of the EP. The band themselves seem to come across as having a lot of fun on the EP as well, giving their music a brilliant edge in terms of how it comes across. If any faults are to be found on the EP, it might be in terms of the somewhat repetitive quality to the music itself, with each track following rather similar structures and conventions. It seems if No Man’s Valley had just branched themselves out that little bit more then their EP would come across as an incredibly strong effort.

Maybe one or two elements on ‘..And Four Other Songs’ haven’t worked as well as the band may have liked, but it seems the most part of their efforts have contributed very well in presenting their latest EP as a strong and enjoyable album effort. The raw rock energy presented in each of the songs, as well as the band’s expression of their fun and enjoyment has resulted in what comes across as such an enjoyable and fun album experience. No Man’s Valley certainly have what it takes to make great rock music, and they’ve already achieved this with their self-titled effort.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Happy?
  • Sleeping On The Job
  • Moon
  • Have We Lost The Way

No Man’s Valley’s new EP ‘…And Four Other Songs’ is set for release on 23rd March 2014.

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