Japonesque – Sienná

A delightful blend of electronic treatments and styles find themselves being intertwined with traditional sounding Japanese styles, creating the very interesting album that is ‘Japonesque’ by Sienná. Sienná demonstrate and present a very interesting style of music on their latest album that is certainly an enjoyable album experience. The fusion of styles on ‘Japonesque’ works very well for the most part, with many of the songs sounding very relaxed and natural. It’s an interesting album experience that seems to work well for the most part but it is perhaps marred by a few weak elements that have somehow worked their own way into the album.

Sienná definitely demonstrate some great ideas on ‘Japonesque’, which is certainly more creative than many bands working within similar genres. Wonderful traditional sounding Japanese elements find themselves fused together with electronic beats, creating a sort of oddly relaxing yet pumped-up music experience. The album’s highlights are certainly the tracks where we the Japanese elements are the dominant elements within the music, as the wonderful ways in which the music fuses together with other elements is simply a great musical experience. It all seems to work well for the most part, with the fused elements showcasing Sienná in a great light.

Although ‘Japonesque’ is an enjoyable album for the most part, it does seem that it falls flat after a while. Whilst some tracks wonderfully indulge in the Japanese elements the style offers them, other tracks seem to not know what to do with themselves, and seem to just meander about the place not offering much that is truly enjoyable or great. The album feels divided between the great songs where the fusion has worked, and the poor tracks where the fusion hasn’t come across all that well. Sadly though it seems that the album features more of the weaker moments, which is a shame considering the strength of the album’s highlights.

Sienná have some good styles working for them, and they’re certainly capable of making it work for themselves. It seems though that ‘Japonesque’ is let down by the fact not every track on the album has had the same care and attention that the album’s highlights have had. It’s a shame as when the album works, it works incredibly well and is a very enjoyable album experience. When it doesn’t work though, it’s simply boring and dull, which in the case of ‘Japonesque’ results in a rather broken album experience that seems to switch from strong to weak. A little bit more refinement here and there from Sienná would have certainly made ‘Japonesque’ a strong album. Perhaps we’ll see that at some point in the future.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Japonesque
  • Beauty
  • Tranquility (Black Tortoise of the North)
  • Rest (White Tiger of the West

Sienná’s latest album ‘Japonesque’ is out now.


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