Stagioni Sintetiche EP – Stagioni Sintetiche

The new self-titled album by musicians  Emanuele Venezia and Angelo Russo, both working under the title of Stagioni Sintetiche ‘ features a somewhat enjoyable mix of EDM music that certainly has a driving element to it for the most part. With driving electronic beats, accompanied by synth-pop elements, there’s certainly something on offer there that will appease to certain people. Whilst the new EP showcases Stagioni Sintetiche’s own style of EDM music, there is something rather repetitive and uninspired about what is really on offer on the EP.

There’s some enjoyable elements on ‘Stagioni Sintetiche’, which demonstrates at the very least a good understanding of the EDM genre. The EP itself though offers just a little bit more than just the bog-standard, with some other more creative ideas being thrown into the mix to bring more out of the music itself. Sometimes it works, but it feels like ‘Stagioni Sintetiche’ is just another uninspired record that doesn’t really do anything to really bring anything out of the music. As the EP draws to a close, it becomes apparent that it has done little to nothing to make an impact, giving the EP itself a rather pointless attribute. The EP itself even tries to bring some new ideas to the mix, but a number of them just seem to fall flat, adding nothing to the album experience at all.

Stagioni Sintetiche have certainly done their best on their new EP, but it seems most of their efforts have been for nothing, as ‘Stagioni Sintetiche’ is an EP that makes absolutely no impact. To some extent, things might be somewhat enjoyable, but there’s nothing present on the EP that will have any lasting memory. Stagioni Sintetiche may know what to do when it comes to the EDM genre, but it seems they don’t really have what it takes to truly make the genre work for themselves. ‘Stagioni Sintetiche’ comes across as a clumsy and dull EP experience that isn’t really worth bothering with.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆  2/5

Selected Songs:

  • Autunno

Stagioni Sintetiche’s EP ‘Stagioni Sintetiche’ is out now.

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