Cover Your Eyes – Horse Party

They’re full of attitude and ready to make themselves known, Horse Party present their debut album ‘Cover Your Eyes’ that certainly packs a lot of punches across the length of eight tracks. Horse Party definitely seem ready to show that they have exactly what it takes to present music that is for the moody brooding people who want something to nod their heads to. Elements of punk-rock intertwine themselves with elements of blues-rock to make a record that is full to the brim of attitude.

‘Cover Your Eyes’ opens with attitude and not once does it ever seem to let go of the emotion. Nearly everything has an element of being pissed off and angry with… well something! Each track may not have a great amount of layers, often being made up of the somewhat typical combination of guitars, bass, drums and of course vocals. However, Horse Party show that less can be more as they create fuzzy walls of sounds that push everything along brilliantly. It’s heavy, it’s indulgent and it’s certainly a hell of a lot of fun to listen to. Horse Party present a perfect balance of lo-fi elements, combined with punk-rock aesthetics which result for the most part in a rather pleasing album experience.

As enjoyable as all the tracks on ‘Cover Your Eyes’ are, which present some great talent and ideas, it does seem that the overall album experience does miss the mark somewhat. Each track is certainly indulgent, but as part of one big album experience, it does sound just a little bit repetitive after a while. Just how different and exciting can heavy guitar riffs sound after we’ve heard them for the fifth time in a row? All the repetition is probably why the album’s closing track ‘To Know You Less’ stands out so much, as its structure and presentation on the album depart so radically from what the album itself suggest. Horse Party are certainly capable of diversifying their sound, so why haven’t they?

We can certainly enjoy a few of Horse Party’s songs, which do pack a tremendous amount of punch that is certain to rival with the attitude that’s presented by bands such as The Joy Formidable or Paramore. It seems though that some inexperience and blunders from Horse Party has resulted in a rather flawed album experience. The talent and ideas are certainly there, ready to be shaped into some great songs. It just needs much more refining until it’s truly ready.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Clarion to Call
  • Scarlet & Blue
  • What Do You Need
  • Six

Horse Party’s new album ‘Cover Your Eyes’ is out now.

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