More Than Any Other Day – Ought

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The latest addition to the Constellation Records roster features the youthful post-punk outfit Ought. The band’s debut album effort ‘More Than Any Other Day’ expands upon the bands’ previous self-released EP, offering an electric and unique blend of alternative rock and punk styles. Sucking us in with phenomenal hooks, Ought command their music with such confidence that is much more mature than the band’s original EP effort, and instantly more satisfying, enjoyable and accessible.

Ought’s debut album ‘More Than Any Other Day’ is highly fitting for a Constellation Records release. Stylistically it departs somewhat more than what the record label usually produces, which the only similar band perhaps being Clues, whose 2009 self-titled release offered a similar electric post-punk style. Ought ultimately make musical style found on ‘More Than Any Other Day’ sound their own, pushing their own stylistic ideas and formats to create an album effort that is truly enjoyable. Ought command their music with phenomenal presence, utilizing a number of more experimental techniques not normally seen within the genre to give the music wonderful flair and character that could perhaps be described as Talking Heads performing the music of Arctic Monkeys.

‘More Than Any Other Day’ opens up in phenomenal style, going from strength to strength in each song, that is until the album reaches its second half. After a wonderfully strong opening half, the album seems to wane in comparison, delivering a little less on a few of the songs and at times sounding a little bit lacklustre. The tracks are perhaps enjoyable in their own right, featuring some of the similar hooks and techniques that make the album itself so interesting. ‘More Than Any Other Day’ certainly does deliver a strong and sometimes powerful album experience though it seems all the magic and all the wonder the band presents is mostly contained within the album’s first half.

Ought might be young and a little inexperienced, but it seems their raw natural talent provides for an amazing album experience that certainly delivers when it needs to. Ought’s style seems fitting for Constellation Records, featuring a perfect blend of varying experimental styles that the record label has become so famous for. Ought certainly aren’t afraid to do things differently from time to time, injecting wonderful motifs and elements that branch their music off from normal conventional senses. ‘More Than Any Other Day’ is unrelenting in how it presents itself, which makes for an incredibly satisfying release.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Today, More Than Any Other Day
  • Habit
  • Forgiveness
  • Gemini

Ought’s debut album ‘More Than Any Other Day’ is set for release on 29th April 2014.

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