Endings EP – Life Savings

Three-piece outfit Life Savings present their debut effort titled ‘Endings’. The new EP comprised of four track showcases the bands heavy style of alternative rock, utilizing elements of grunge and hard-rock at times just for some good measure. The new EP from the band serves as an interesting introduction into what it is that Life Savings is trying to do when it comes to their own branch of music. Some elements come across rather well, with the EP at the very least showcasing some interesting elements that suggests good things to come from Life Savings, although sadly it seems that the whole effort has managed to somehow miss the mark completely.

Life Savings certainly have some interesting merits to their music, which seems to sound something like Nirvana meets Slint. ‘Endings’ features some very lo-fi elements of music that is presented in a very aggressive style, giving the band a fairly interesting element that express their music fairly well. In many ways the style that Life Savings have gone for has worked well enough, but as enjoyable as some elements of the music is on the EP, it seems there’s just not enough to truly make it an EP worthy of any recognition. All the songs features on the EP are just indiscernible tracks of noisy lo-fi music that has very little that sucks the listener in. As much as Life Savings might be trying to do their own thing, they simply haven’t done enough to separate their music from everybody else. Much of the EP comes across as styles we’ve all heard before, giving the EP itself a sort of dry lackluster presentation.

Life Savings seem to have some good points to their music, although equally there’s a lot of negative traits that prevent the EP itself from being anything more than average. It seems that Life Savings haven’t really pushed enough of their own heart and soul into their music to really elevate its position, and instead seem to have produced a rather basic re-hashing of those who have preceded them. This of course isn’t to say that there isn’t some merit to Life Savings as a band. Some elements on the EP do suggest some good ideas and techniques. All Life Savings need to do is to really tap into this to really push their music forward.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Soft Clippers
  • Adoptees

Life Savings’ debut EP ‘Endings’ is out now. 

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