Everyday Robots – Damon Albarn

Musician and song-writer Damon Albarn offers up his first solo-album effort titled ‘Everyday Robots’. The new album features Albarn pushing out his own creative ideas, offering us an album experience that we might perhaps expect from the prolific musician, and yet also surprises us here and there. The overall album is one that features a phenomenal number of strengths, with the instrumentals in most of the songs being particularly note-worthy. ‘Everyday Robots’ features so many elements that make it a strong album, with Albarn bring right at the forefront of everything.

On ‘Everyday Robots’, Albarn seems to really push forward his own creative ideas, creating an album experience that is ultimately his own. There’s something intimate about ‘Everyday Robots’, making the album one that is incredibly appealing and enjoyable, as Albarn offers us something more than what was featured on the albums of Blur and Gorillaz. ‘Everyday Robots’ also features some brilliant collaborations, none of who use the opportunity to steal the limelight of the album itself, but instead use their talents to help progress the songs’ experience on the album itself. Tracks featuring Natasha Khan and Brian Eno are particular highlights on the album, whose collaborative efforts with Albarn bring so much to the music itself.

Whilst there is an incredible amount to be enjoyed on ‘Everyday Robots’, there is something that isn’t quite together there with the new album. As the album draws to a close, it leaves an impression that there might have been something missing on the album that would truly make it a recognizable and worthy album. Much of the album is made up of more down-tempo and melancholy tunes, and whilst it is all enjoyable to an extent, it feels a little bit that Albarn hasn’t actually done enough to make the melancholy album work well for himself. Many tracks on the album are brilliant and highly enjoyable, but the album itself seems to be missing a few key elements.

On ‘Everyday Robots’, Albarn has certainly painted us an interesting picture, even if it is a little bit hard to stand back and see the whole thing at times. Musically, ‘Everyday Robots’ is rich and offers us so much that can easily be enjoyed. Albarn has cemented his position as one of the best and most creative people working in the music industry today, with ‘Everyday Robots’ being another wonderful addition to the already phenomenal selection of works we’ve seen from Albarn. Perhaps ‘Everyday Robots’ hasn’t exactly presented us with everything we might want to know from Albarn, but at the end of the day it is certainly a strong album of brilliant music.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Lonely Press Play
  • The Selfish Giant
  • You & Me
  • Heavy Seas Of Love

Damon Albarn’s debut solo album ‘Everyday Robots’ is out now.

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