High Wire & A Heart Of Gold – Halsted

Following on from the 2010 release of ‘Life Underwater’, rock-band Halsted offer up their brand new studio-album titled ‘High Wire & A Heart Of Gold’. The new album cements the obvious talents of the band, who just offer up a highly enjoyable range of tracks that are hard to dislike. There’s a lot to be enjoyed from with Halsted’s music, who manage to create a somewhat varied album experience that ranges from incredibly upbeat and positive tracks, to a few more down-tempo yet equally enjoyable tracks. Halsted have managed to push a lot of great strengths into their new recording, but it seems the album itself is let down on a few occasions that don’t live up to the rest of the album.

What makes ‘High Wire & A Heart Of Gold’ such an enjoyable album is in how Halsted just seem to give off an impression of truly enjoying themselves in their music. It’s delightful to hear a group of people really enjoying their work, and this makes Halsted’s latest album such an enjoyable record. Many of the tracks on the album contribute to this overall image of being happy and upbeat. It seems that many of the elements needed to produce a great record have been ticked off by Halsted, who have managed to push forward some great sounding music, combined with great lyrics and great presentation from the band themselves.

Whilst much of ‘High Wire & A Heart Of Gold’ works well as an album, it does seem that one or two moments on the album just don’t live up to the expectation that the album itself has made for itself. At times on ‘High Wire & A Heart Of Gold’, the songs themselves start to sound a little bit repetitive and not different enough from the preceding songs. At these points, the album starts to feel a little bit dull as it drags on with material that we’ve already heard before. Considering the strengths of the album itself when it does work, it’s a shame that not everything has been so finely polished as it should have been.

Although there’s a few stale moments on the album, Halsted have still managed to come through with a fine album effort that can’t fail to put a smile on your face. The album itself exudes positive feelings here and there, as well as throwing in a few somber moments into the mix, keeping the album itself from going too stale. A little bit more work here and there might perhaps make ‘High Wire & A Heart Of Gold’ a truly brilliant album, but for now, Halsted have done enough to make their latest album a strong album effort.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Figure 8
  • Alibi
  • Don’t Cry Your Eyes Out
  • Autumn Rain

Halsted’s latest album ‘High Wire & A Heart Of Gold’ is out now.

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