Any Ol’ Way – Tweak Bird

The latest album titled ‘Any Ol’ Way’ from rock outfit Tweak Bird offers a brilliant indie-rock experience. The bands’ new album travels from track to track with effortless ease, presenting the listener with a somewhat typical indie-rock experience that also seems to echo some homages to some of music’s most revered bands. There’s a fair amount to be enjoyed on ‘Any Ol’ Way’, which certainly offers a very fun and enjoyable music experience. It seems though that there’s a lot of mediocrity surrounding the album, giving the whole experience a rather sluggish quality, although there might be something else lurking behind the scenes.

There’s something just comfortable and effortless about ‘Any Ol’ Way’, which just exudes an impression of a bunch of friends having a lot of fun whilst they express their own creativity. There is certainly some creativity present on ‘Any Ol’ Way’, which isn’t as dull as the most average band within the indie rock scene. At times, Tweak Bird seem to echo a style reminiscent of The Beatles, which somehow gives the music itself an incredibly appealing quality. There’s actually a fair amount to be enjoyed from Tweak Bird, who don’t seem to be forcing themselves upon the listener, but instead just express themselves comfortably with their music.

Although ‘Any Ol’ Way’ expresses some nice ideas here and there, the album itself still comes across as a rather sluggish and dull effort. Certain homages to other artists (whether intended or not), don’t seem to do enough to lift the album up out of its mediocrity. Each track seems to express the same system over and over, giving the album itself a repetitive slant that just doesn’t offer enough. It’s a shame as there’s some moments and tracks on ‘Any Ol’ Way’ which actually suggest there’s a lot more to the band than what their music is suggesting, perhaps hinting at something brilliant if they could just tap into it.

Tweak Bird might have some good qualities to their music, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to help ‘Any Ol’ Way’. There’s certainly some enjoyable songs present on the album itself, which makes Tweak Bird an indie rock band that is better than the average standard we so commonly see these days. It just seems that there hasn’t been enough care and attention into the album itself, which comes across as a fairly lackluster effort. Perhaps though there’s more to Tweak Bird than what their new album suggests. There’s certainly some sparks of brilliance in their music. If only they’d make a whole album of that!

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • She Preach
  • Peace Walker
  • Mild Manor

Tweak Birds’ latest album ‘Any Ol’ Way’ is set for release on 27th May 2014.

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