Marga EP – About:

About: conclude the tetralogy of EPs with their final release of ‘Marga’, rounding off everything with four new tracks that fits alongside brilliantly with the bands’ previous three releases. On ‘Marga’ we’re treated to a heavy blend of electronic music, sometimes delving into areas of synth-pop, synth-rock or even dub-step to some extent. It is all musically rich though, showcasing yet again even more of Abouts: brilliant talents when it comes to their composition skills, mixing and the presentation of their music. ‘Marga’ comes across as a brilliant EP, and could perhaps be the best in the four.

On ‘Marga’, About: treat us to a heavy blend of electronic music, often combined with the bands’ lo-fi elements, resulting in an interesting music experience that offers us that little bit more than the average standard band. Everything is wonderfully accessible, sounding like today’s current popular music, though there’s much more creativity in how About: present their music. ‘Marga’ is rather refreshing at times, and infectiously enjoyable. It’s sadly a shame that not everyone of the four recordings seem to contribute enough to make the whole EP work. The track’s third track somehow breaks the whole structure of the EP, offering a confusing electronic experience that sounds like the band attacking a copy & paste function. The song eventually opens up to some brilliant textures and ideas, yet it still comes across as a rather confusing and in-cohesive track.

Although ‘Marga’ has a few flaws here and there, the end result is an EP that is highly enjoyable, and above all else, perfectly finishes off the whole experience About: have presented across their four EPs. The new EP works wonderfully as a stand-alone EP, offering a fun eclectic mix of four tracks, though it also works wonderfully when combined with the previous three EPs, resulting in a full album experience from About:. Although the presentation of the four EPs from About: is a little unorthodox and perhaps confusing, it’s safe to say that the whole concept has worked wonderfully for About:, who have created a brilliant musical journey.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Amour Métastasé
  • Build It
  • Control
  • Out Of

About:’s latest EP ‘Marga’ is out now. 

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