Shortwave Nights – Hiss Tracts

Musician, composers and artists David Bryant (Godspeed You! Black Emperor & Set Fire To Flames), and Kevin Doria (Growing, Total Life) combine their own creative talents together, resulting in the duo’s new project named Hiss Tracts, the new and latest addition to the Constellation Records roster. The bands’ first album release ‘Shortwave Nights’ offers an incredibly unique and phenomenal musical experience that defies conventional categorization, never once falling into any single musical genre. ‘Shortwave Nights’ features an brilliant mix of carefully crafted tracks, offering us an incredibly ominous and somewhat dangerous sounding perspective on a world that is all around us.

The true power of ‘Shortwave Nights’ comes from the duo’s approach to the music itself. Bryant and Doria both contribute in such a collaborative way that the whole project’s success is impossible to attribute to one sole member. Both have a clear understanding of exactly what it is they want to present, which they do so in a brilliantly subtle way. Electronic treatments and textures build up the music itself, often combined with organic and natural recordings that bring life to the music. If the music can be at all categorized, it could perhaps be described as music concrete, though there is so much more life in the recordings than the conventional sound-art projects. ‘Shortwave Nights’ seems to present us with an honest perspective of an industrial and polluted world around us, expressed through the most carefully crafted music, never once coming across as pretentious.

Hiss Tracts comes across as a phenomenal creative force, though ‘Shortwave Nights’ is anything like an easy album listen. The music itself never truly delves into the harsh industrial territories that have been explored by previous bands before, but yet it still presents a rather uncomfortable and harsh setting that might be a little hard to swallow. Uncomfortable music might not be for everyone, but there is something in the pure creativity being presented by Bryant and Doria that makes ‘Shortwave Nights’ such a brilliant album experience.

‘Shortwave Nights’ is nothing short of brilliant. It’s certainly a challenging listen, but it is one that offers so much when it comes to truly artistic and creative music. Those who enjoyed some of Constellation Records’ previous releases of ‘Mnant’ & ‘Alms’ by the short-lived Re:, or the albums ‘Exhaust’ & ‘Enregistreur’ by Exhaust, might find a lot to enjoy from Hiss Tracts and their debut release, which echoes some similar concepts and ideas, though ultimately comes across as its own unique project. It’s unsure whether or not Hiss Tracts will be a permanent project from Bryant and Doria, though we can at least enjoy the fact that the duo have releases a brilliant and artistic project in today’s music.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★★  5/5

Selected Songs:

  • …Shortwave Nights
  • Slowed Rugs
  • Halo Getters
  • Test Recording At Trembling City

Hiss Tracts’ debut album ‘Shortwave Nights’ is set for release on 13th May 2014.

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