Chasing Life EP – Colourshop

Brothers Alfredo & Diego Salvati, working under the title of Colourshop, offer up their latest EP effort titled ‘Chasing Life’. The new EP from the intimate duo features the bands’ new track ‘Chasing Life’, as well as an acoustic performance of the title track, a new composition titled ‘2014’ and a remix of the duo’s previous track ‘Sparks Of Life’. The new EP from the duo offers a rather warm musical experience for the most part, though it seems there’s a rather confusing and distorted feeling being given off by the EP itself, mostly due to a somewhat confusing selection of songs being used to fill up the EP itself.

‘Chasing Life’ opens up brilliantly, with the duo’s new title track being a brilliant expression of all the creativity they have to offer. There’s a lot of fun and joy being exuded in the song, giving it an incredibly appealing and accessible element. It is easy to see here where the talents of the duo lie, in their presentation of fun and enjoyable tracks. It’s a shame though that the rest of the EP has very little else to offer. The acoustic rendition of the title track seems lackluster and dull in comparison to the more official version. What is worse though is the inclusion of the remixed version of ‘Sparks of Life’, which comes across as an incredibly formulaic remix, featuring over-used dub-step elements that add absolutely nothing to the music. It’s an incredibly poor addition to the EP that does absolutely nothing to help the experience itself, but instead drags it down.

Colourshop might have some good ideas here and there, but their presentation of ‘Chasing Life’ has severely missed the mark. The tracks seem cobbled together rather than planned out, with there being no understandable transition from track to track. It seems that the duo just stuck on whatever they could find to make the experience an EP rather than a single, which this release would work much better as. It doesn’t feel like there’s anything on the EP that’s there to really suck us in and get us involved in the music, which is a shame as Colourshop do have some talents when it comes to their music. Sadly not enough to make an interesting EP experience.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆  2/5

Selected Songs:

  • Chasing Life

Colourshop’s latest EP ‘Chasing Life’ is out now. 

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