Crystal Math EP – Iran Iran

UK-Based Avante-Garde Math-Rock outfit Iran Iran present their latest EP experience titled ‘Crystal Math’. The new EP, made up of three tracks all named after actors, offers a very confusing, somewhat experimental vein of instrumental math rock that has a lot of appealing elements. There’s a certain element of madness running throughout the EP’s experience, though there is perhaps a cohesive element running throughout, giving it the structure it needs that makes it a listenable EP.

‘Crystal Math’ is an odd experience, sounding like a clashing of guitars, bass and drums rather than a joining of the instruments. Everyone seems to be doing their own thing, playing a confusing combination of chords notes and beats and yet somehow presenting it all in a cohesive way that somehow actually works. It is arguable of course that there’s not really enough going on to make this an PE experience worthy of any recognition, and there is some validity to the statement. When we step back and look at the three tracks that make up ‘Crystal Math’, there’s an element that they all sound the same, and there’s not even a lot actually happening within the songs themselves. It’s perhaps a little frustrating, as there’s some interesting ideas at play here, but it feels like they haven’t been utilized in the correct way.

Then again, there’s also an element that Iran Iran are simply doing their own thing, without any inclination to do it ‘correctly’ by other people’s standard. Perhaps music as raw as this is a little bit too much for the average person, but there is still something admirable about it all, and oddly enough, something very enjoyable about it all. It might be impossible to truly work out what it is Iran Iran are doing with their music, but whatever the hell it is, it could perhaps be working for them. Whether it is something that will garner them attention, fame and fans is another question though.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆  3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Anthony Michael Hall
  • Tom Selleck

Iran Iran’s latest EP ‘Crystal Math’ is out now.

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