Ever Moving Happiness Machine – Silhouettes

Indie-synth-rock outfit Silhouettes prepare for the release of their debut album titled ‘Ever Moving Happiness Machine’, offering up a phenomenal synth-rock experience featuring brooding instrumentals and haunting vocal performances that suggest a great many things to come from this new and exciting upcoming band. The bands’ debut record ‘Ever Moving Happiness Machine’ follows on from a few EP releases, which now sees the band honing in on their own branch of synth-rock styles, presenting a very creative and incredible sounding album experience.

On ‘Ever Moving Happiness Machine’, Silhouettes go all out in presenting their audience with absolutely everything it is they have to offer, and perhaps a little bit more. There’s an incredibly dark and perhaps unsettling element running throughout the album, tying together each of the songs as the album progresses along its track-list. There’s a lot happening with each of the songs, which all present some great creative all ideas, all of which contribute brilliantly towards the overall album experience. There’s some great ideas and dynamics being presented by Silhouettes in each of the songs, who seem to go for more subtle approaches to building up the music, rather than just going for the easier options.

As an album, there is very little that’s wrong with ‘Ever Moving Happiness Machine’. Each of the songs seem to hold their own place on the album itself, with there being little to no weak moments that break the album’s flow. It is perhaps arguable that there’s a sense of one or two songs being a little bit too similar, or perhaps too downbeat and minimalist to work well as songs, though these particular songs seem to work well on the album itself in a larger context. Perhaps the ominous and downbeat style is something unappealing to particular audiences, but this is also one of The Silhouettes greatest strengths that will clearly work well for them.

The Silhouettes have done a fine job in transferring the strengths from their EPs and presenting it in an album context that really works in their favour. ‘Ever Moving Happiness Machine’ comes across as a solid album that features a tremendous amount of strengths. Each track works brilliantly in the album’s context, whilst also featuring some great elements that makes them work as stand-alone tracks. Silhouettes certainly have a great number of strengths working for them, and we can only hope they continue to grow and grow as they’ve already done,.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Gold Tag
  • Creaking Universe
  • Prufrock’s Dream
  • Scuff Marks

Silhouettes’ debut album ‘Ever Moving Happiness Machine’ is out now.

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