Geordieland – The Ree-Vahs

The latest album from country-rock band The Ree-Vahs, titled ‘Geordieland’ offers up a very typical musical experience that perhaps one would expect from the genre that the band push out for themselves. The new album features The Ree-Vahs presenting a somewhat quirky yet very typical version of the genre that sadly has had very little ingenuity or creativity injected in. Much of ‘Geordieland’ seems to meander slowly on without much meaning, resulting in a full album experience that comes across as very sluggish and incredibly boring.

The Ree-Vahs’ new album certainly pushes out some enjoyable moments here and there no doubt. When it comes to the instrumentals of each song, and the vocal style of the bands’ lead singer, we can’t really find anything that is actually wrong. The band members themselves certainly seem to give off an impression that they’re enjoying themselves on their album, which is certainly enjoyable to an extent. ‘Geordieland’ is a simple country-rock album throughout, none of which seems to give off an impression of trying to outdo absolutely everything in the genre, but rather just contribute another enjoyable experience.

Although The Ree-Vahs’ just want to have fun with their new record, it still comes across as one without any creative ideas or any ingenuity at all. It’s as though there’s no spark of life in any of the songs, making the whole album have absolutely no lasting impression. The band may have tried on their new record, but sadly any effort on their part doesn’t seem to come across at all. It seems that if The Ree-Vahs’ stopped existing tomorrow, it is likely that nobody would truly miss their music, as it seems to just disappear into the sea of country-rock music that they’ve so poorly tried to emulate in their own style.

‘Geordieland’ comes across as an album that simply isn’t worth bothering with. Sure enough. The Ree-Vahs’ are trying their best with their new album to present a fun and enjoyable country-rock experience, but there’s sadly absolutely nothing going for the band to make their music note-worthy. Perhaps ‘Geordieland’ will appeal to a few people, but there’s really nothing happening here that suggests The Ree-Vahs’ have made the music genre their own. ‘Geordieland’ is simply a dull and uninspiring album where the bare minimum of Country-Rock music has been pushed forward, with no soul pushed in to make the music truly their own.

Album Rating:

  • ★☆☆☆☆  1/5

Selected Songs:

  • None

The Ree-Vahs’ new album ‘Geordieland’ is out now. 

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