Wisdom For Debris EP – Eluvium

Ambient artist Matthew Robert Cooper, working under the moniker of Eluvium teams up with wife and partner Jeannie Lynn Paske with the release of their latest project ‘Wisdom For Debris’. The new release, limited to only 200 copies, combines together a book, featuring many of Paske’s gorgeous artwork (much of which has been used as artwork for Eluvium’s releases), as well as a bonus containing a new EP from Cooper. The short album from Eluvium comprises four new tracks, all of which come across as some of Eluvium’s most intimate and gorgeous ambient tracks to date. 

Across the four tracks offered by this regrettably very limited EP, we’re invited to the swirls and swoops of ambient drones that Cooper so easily utilizes for his own style of ambient music. There’s something very typical and expected of the music featured on the short EP, but it all comes across as some of Cooper’s most intimate music to date. Each track is fairly lengthy, giving themselves time to express themselves to the listener well enough for us to paint the pictures that best match the music. Each of the four tracks are as strong as each other, all offering something different yet all being as equally relevant in the context of the album itself. Fans of Eluvium will find the musical element of the release very inviting and very pleasing, which features some incredibly technical effects and elements, yet all of which come across in a very subtle and gentle manner.

It’s a shame that this release has had such a restricted and limited run, as it is perhaps one of Cooper’s best releases under the Eluvium moniker. Each of the four tracks present on the EP come across as beautiful, lovely and warm ambient tracks, all of which come across as some of his best work in his current career. It is difficult not to like what is being expressed here, which is just simple and gorgeous beauty through the use of the ambient musical genre. Combined with the absolutely gorgeous artwork of Jeannie Lynn Paske, ‘Wisdom For Debris’ is perhaps one of the most special and intimate releases from Eluvium thus far.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★★  5/5

Selected Songs:

  • Wisdom II
  • Wind Book
  • Return To Debris
  • Night Projections
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