Year of the Ox – The Burning Of Rome

Rock outfit The Burning of Rome push out their latest full-album experience titled ‘Year of the Ox’. The new album offers up a highly enjoyable indie-rock experience that could perhaps be compared to British Sea Power, though perhaps much more raw in sound. On ‘Year of the Ox’, The Burning of Rome seem to go from strength to strength, pushing out enjoyable rock song after enjoyable rock song, resulting in a highly appealing album experience. There’s a lot of good little ideas here and there on the bands’ new album, helping make it a very strong album.

Much of ‘Year of the Ox’ is made up of noisy guitar riffs and the other somewhat typical varying accompanying instrumentals that are commonly seen within the genre. What’s interesting though is how The Burning of Rome manage to really push themselves out on their new record, injecting enough of themselves into their own music to give it some incredibly appealing elements that helps to make the entire record a strong and enjoyable album experience. There’s a lot to enjoy from the band, whether it be their wonderful raw style of indie-rock music, or their brilliant presentation of their own branch of music within the genre.

The Burning of Rome have many strengths to their music, though their latest album isn’t without its flaws though. Whilst a great many of the tracks present on the album are good and have a good number of positive traits to them, there’s only a small handful that have any lasting impression. Whilst the album doesn’t come across as being mediocre, there is something about most of the songs that’s a little off, as though they haven’t had as much effort and love pushed into them as some of the album’s biggest highlights. It’s rather disappointing, but there’s something forgettable about them in some respects.

Whilst some tracks are perhaps not as strong as others on ‘Year of the Ox’, it seems that there’s been enough effort and talent thrown into the album to make it a strong and enjoyable album from The Burning of Rome. There’s something just satisfying about the somewhat raw style of indie-rock that the band dishes out on every song. The band seem to be enjoying themselves, which has helped push forward the music much more, highlighting all of their strengths in the various songs. It’s an enjoyable record, and one that fans of indie-rock will find a lot to enjoy with.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Year of the Ox
  • Terrible Tales From Tocqueville
  • Echo Park
  • The Complete Robot

The Burning of Rome’s latest album ‘Year of the Ox’ is out now.

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