48:13 – Kasabian

The playful and somewhat immature indie-rock band Kasabian present their fifth album effort titled ’48:13′. Named after the total running length of the album itself, Kasabian use their fifth album as an opportunity to present more of their indie-rock styled anthems, echoing some of their previous albums as well as incorporating some new ideas here and there for good measure. The bands’ new album is certainly a typical indie-rock experience, featuring a few enjoyable tracks here and there, but much of the album comes across as rather weak, perhaps suggesting that Kasabian are truly running out of steam.

Kasabian’s latest album ’48:13′ is an interesting record in some respects. The new album features some different ideas than what we’ve seen on the bands’ previous record. This time, we’re treated to short-song interludes that help break up the album into its various sections, before we’re presented with the rather bombastic indie-rock anthems that we certainly have come to know from Kasabian. The whole effort is somewhat interesting at times, featuring some rather memorable songs at various points. There’s even a few surprise songs that certainly sound unexpected when their turn on the album finally comes, giving ’48:13′ some of its own character and flair as an album.

Although ’48:13′ is a better album experience than its predecessor, it hasn’t managed to do enough to make it a worthy album. Many of the songs present on the album seem to just meander around, not really offering anything to the overall picture, and instead give off an image of Kasabian just pushing out any old thing they can think of. There doesn’t seem to be any of the real genius that was present on the bands’ earlier records, and none of the craftsmanship of ‘Empire’ or ‘West Pauper Ryder Lunatic Asylum’. The new album just doesn’t seem to hold its ground well as an album, as though it’s doing its absolute best to be a good and strong concept album, but sadly containing none of the required elements to be just that.

It doesn’t feel like Kasabian have tried really hard on ’48:13′. Some tracks on the album are certainly enjoyable, with a few managing to stand out, but there doesn’t seem to be any real reason behind the album itself. There seems to be elements of a concept behind the album itself, but nothing comes forward to make it known. The few enjoyable songs on the record don’t manage to save the album itself either, making it an album not really worthy of purchasing. Regrettably, ’48:13′ sees Kasabian at their worst, with the album suggesting that there’s nothing left to come from the once great indie-rock band.

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆  2/5

Selected Songs:

  • Bumblebee
  • Treat
  • Clouds
  • Bow

Kasabian’s fifth studio album ’48:13′ is out now.

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