Caustic Window LP – Caustic Window (1994)

Richard D. James’ 1994 album ‘Caustic Window LP’ has found its way into the hands of his loyal fans, after originally being an incredibly limited vinyl release many years ago. 20 years on, fans of the Caustic Window project can now hear and enjoy the first LP under the moniker, featuring an incredible mix of IDM tracks. ‘Caustic Window LP’ is certainly an interesting record, showcasing much of Richard D. James’ incredible electronic music style, much of which we’ve come to know from his many releases, and others which are perhaps a bit of a surprise.

The Caustic Window project demonstrates other traits and properties that differ from some of Richard D. James’ other more well known releases, though still retain some of the qualities we know from the musician. The whole LP demonstrates some interesting ideas, showcasing some brilliant tracks that just command themselves with effortless ease. There’s a wide range of offering from the ‘Caustic Window LP’ which demonstrates a number of different qualities, ideas and styles as it navigates across its rather long track list. For the most part it’s a very strong release, containing some of Richard D. James’ best recordings and ideas from his whole career. Some ideas are to be expected from the art

Whilst there’s a lot to enjoy from ‘Caustic Window LP’, there’s a number of elements present on the album that makes it a rather challenging listen. Richard D. James’ slant of IDM music has always been incredibly powerful and unique, though it is never an accessible listen when we consider most of the musician’s releases. ‘Caustic Window LP’ doesn’t come across as any different in this respect, and demonstrates some very harsh elements that really challenge the listener. Those perhaps expecting ‘Caustic Window LP’ to sound like a typical Aphex Twin album might be a little disappointed with the results here, but those who are pleases with the emergence of a rather rare Richard D. James’ release will surely find something to enjoy here.

‘Caustic Window LP’ might not come across as one of Richard D. James’ best releases in his whole career, but it is perhaps one of his most interesting, and perhaps one of his best after his material under Aphex Twin. The interesting range of styles demonstrated on ‘Caustic Window LP’ suggests that the musician is capable of even more than what he has releases in his incredibly lucrative career. Considering the release dates back to 1994, there is no real indication of whether anything demonstrated on the album will emerge elsewhere on future recordings, but it’s certainly interesting to see it being demonstrated in the first place.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Flutey
  • Jazzphase
  • 101 Rainbows (Ambient Mix)
  • Cunt

Caustic Windows’ 1994 release of ‘Caustic Window LP’ is out now (technically)


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