When Plants Turn Into Stone – O

O (Circle) present a grand post-rock album experience titled ‘When Plants Turn Into Stone’. The new album from the Belgium/Netherlands & Germany based band features an incredible cinematic approach to the post-rock genre, presenting an incredible experience that encompasses the many enjoyable elements from the post-rock genre. O showcase a great range of expressive ideas, showing careful commitment to the craft of their music. ‘When Plants Turn Into Stone’ is a rather dark, perhaps haunting, album experience that echoes varying bands from Godspeed You! Black Emperor to Sigur Ros.

‘When Plants Turn Into Stone’ comes across as an incredibly expressive album, featuring some incredible attention to detail in building up the natural images of the music itself. Musically, the album is rich, featuring gorgeous instrumentation that is certain to please fans of the post-rock genre. It is in the composition of the six tracks, and their presentation on the album itself, that we see the true genius of the album. Each track on the album contributes so much to the overall story and impressions that O want to present. This is post-rock music at its best, where ideas and elements are only included if they really contribute towards the album itself.

Within its genre, ‘When Plants Turn Into Stone’ is almost flawless. There is an incredible amount to be enjoyed here, especially if one appreciates carefully crafted music. Some elements of the post-rock genre that could be described as cliched are found at various points within the album, which to some people might dampen the impact of the album itself. However it’s arguable that O have managed to make each element really work on the album, going back to the early days of the post-rock genre when the techniques were surprising, and really worked with the music itself. Nothing feels out-of-place or pointless on ‘When Plants Turn To Stone’, helping to elevate the album as a brilliant effort.

O have managed to craft themselves a brilliant album effort, featuring the best of the post-rock genre, as well as some great ideas of their own. ‘When Plants Turn Into Stone’ manages to echo some of the best bands within the genre without actually ripping off the strengths of these bands, and simultaneously sounding unique in its own unusual way. There’s certainly been a lot of really strong post-rock releases this year, but ‘When Plants Turn Into Stone’ has a great number of them easily beat, with its presentation of a dark yet interesting story, told through incredibly atmospheric post-rock instrumentals. This is perhaps one of the best releases of the year.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★★ 5/5

Selected Songs:

  • Entstanden Im Schatten Wie Wasser
  • How Polished Boulders Carried Us Along
  • When Plants Turn Into Stone
  • I Offer My Hands To The Shades

O (Circle)’s latest album ‘When Plants Turn Into Stones’ is out now.

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