Dog Years – The Great Sabatini

Montreal-based sludge-metal rockers The Great Sabatini present their third-studio album ‘Dog Years’. This time round we hear The Great Sabatini producing their sludgy metal sound to great effect, utilizing more ideas and more techniques to add real groundwork to their latest album effort. Much of ‘Dog Years’ is dominated by incredibly heavy riffs, accompanied by the distorted wailing, groaning and screaming vocal style. Although at times there’s an element of repetition to ‘Dog Years’, there’s a few little surprises here and there, making The Great Sabatini’s latest album a really interesting musical experience.

The Great Sabatini present a strong understanding of the sludge-metal genre in their latest work, but its in their ability to mix things up and change things around that really helps ‘Dog Years’ come across as a strong album. Starting from the album’s incredibly sudden beginning, we’re treated to a very interesting selection of tracks, a few of which really shift everything around, sounding nothing like what one would expect to hear on an album of this style. The Great Sabatini have not only managed to present the sludge-metal genre to great effect on their latest album, but have also managed to structure their album carefully in a very strong and enjoyable way.

‘Dog Years’ is certainly a strong album for a number of reasons, though it is let down by a few little points that prevent the album from being a really great album. Though there’s some variation in terms of the instrumentals present in the album, there’s not enough when the album opts for the sludge-metal moments, which dominate the album. Most of the tracks follow similar formatting and similar structures, making some of the songs that appear later in the album a little bit more dull than their predecessors. Whilst they might sport some enjoyable sections and moments, it would perhaps be nicer to see even more diversity at times.

Although it’s by no means a perfect album, ‘Dog Years’ contains enough strengths to make it an enjoyable release from the band. Within its own genre, there’s enough happening on the album to make it one of the more stronger album releases of its own genre, which is rather refreshing to hear after so many repetitive and dull albums. The Great Sabatini have a lot going for themselves, and have managed to push out some great ideas and some great music on their latest album. One can only hope that The Great Sabatini keep this up in their career.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Reach
  • Akela
  • Munera
  • Life During Wartime

The Great Sabatini’s third studio album ‘Dog Years’ is out now.

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