Niagarama – How To Swim

Combining elements of alternative rock with cinematic orchestration, How To Swim present their latest album effort ‘Niagarama’. The band’s latest album further continues’ How To Swim’s own slant of lo-fi alternative rock music, this time combined with new ideas and new techniques to create a strong album experience. Each song contributes wonderfully to the overall picture and story being presented by How To Swim, working well as stand-alone songs and as songs contributing to a whole complete album experience. How To Swim may have outdone themselves on ‘Niagarama’ which is not just a strong album from How To Swim, but a strong album within its genre.

There’s an almost playful element running throughout ‘Niagarama’, giving it an almost light-hearted sensibility that gives it many strengths at it progresses along its various selection of tracks. There’s some great weight to the album itself, which offers up a great album experience that features some great up-beat tracks, as well as some beautiful orchestral pieces at various moments. There’s some lovely variety in the tracks, all of which work well together on the album itself, helping to push forward the great talents that How To Swim have as a band.

Whilst there’s some brilliant moments to ‘Niagarama’, with each track contributing nicely to the overall album’s image, it seems that there’s a sluggish element to a few of the songs featured, sadly dampening the effect the album has. Certain tracks on the album are both brilliantly written and presented, but others sadly pale in comparison to their stronger counterparts on the album. A lot of effort and love seems to have been pushed into ‘Niagarama’, which for the most part really works as an album. Whilst most of the tracks contribute to the album nicely, others don’t seem to contribute as much.

How To Swim have certainly pushed out a great album with ‘Niagarama’, and whilst some tracks don’t come across as strongly as others, the overall effect of the album itself works brilliantly to counter this. There’s some wonderful ideas being sported on the latest album from this alternative-rock band, who even push their own capabilities to create a new and great album experience. ‘Niagarama’ comes across as a brilliantly strong alternative-rock album experience that has a lot going in its favor, and certainly warrants the band some well deserved notice.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Niagara
  • Too Old For A Crush (To Be Endearing)
  • Long Division
  • Animals

How To Swim’s latest album ‘Niagarama’ is out now.

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