Oceanscape – Castleview

Ambient-artist Castleview offers up his latest full-album experience with the release of ‘Oceanscape’. The new record from Castleview is perhaps one of the most ambitious releases from his extensive discography, with the new album featuring one 40-minute recording. The singular track offers a full album experience, but one that is both challenging and rewarding. On ‘Oceanscape’, Castleview presents us a long-form droning composition, featuring incredibly subtle movements and moments here and there that really form the track, offering us a wonderful and true ambient composition.

‘Oceanscape’ effects are a rather subtle ones. Unlike Castleview’s previous albums which offers various tracks featuring different forms of movements, ‘Oceanscape’ is reliant on its one track to anchor the listener into the story. From the first appearance of the beginning drones, we’re presented with a rather dark and yet oddly peaceful composition that encompasses the feelings, emotions (and most importantly) the sound of being under-water. Castleview’s efforts have worked wonderfully on ‘Oceanscape’ which is certainly challenging, but is perfectly presented.

One might find the idea of a 40-minute track too much to deal with, and in some instances they might be right. At 40 minutes, ‘Oceanscape’ is rather demanding for a singular track. However, something about the track just seems to work incredibly well. It’s an incredibly easy song to put on in the background and allow to hover around, as well as being a track that is rather easy to listen intently too. What’s amazing is how the album doesn’t come across as a chore to listen too. As the track comes to its end, there’s a sense of having really experienced something, as though coming out of a meditative state.

Castleview’s highly ambitious ‘Oceanscape’ is perhaps one of his most accomplished recordings in his current discography. The singular track offers an incredibly emotional ambient experience, featuring an array of emotions ranging from feeling worried about an ominous presence, to being at peace. ‘Oceanscape’ is certainly an ambitious recording, and it’s wonderful to see it executed so brilliantly and so well. ‘Oceanscape’ certainly cements Castleview’s position as one of the best ambient artists working in the independent scene.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★★   5/5

Selected Songs:

  • Oceanscape

Castleview’s latest album ‘Oceanscape’ is out now.

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