The Hunting Party – Linkin Park

Linkin Park showcase their sixth studio album ‘The Hunting Party’, featuring an electric mix of aggressive rock tunes. The latest album follows from the bands rather average 2012 album ‘Living Things’. Much of ‘The Hunting Party’ is made up of the harsh rock tracks we know of Linkin Park, though this time it seems like the band has finally got things working more smoothly again, presenting what is actually a rather strong album experience, featuring some great material. Considering the rather sluggish pace Linkin Park have been at since the phenomenal 2003 album ‘Meteora’, it’s great to finally hear the band sounding great again.

Much of ‘The Hunting Party’ sounds similar to the bands’ previous out-put, though this time round it seems to actually be working well for them. There’s a number of great tracks present on the album, but it’s how they all work together and contribute to the overall album experience that gives the album it’s own strengths. There’s a cohesive and strong sound to the whole album, which just works on a number of levels. As well as sporting some great tracks, there’s a number of collaborators on ‘The Hunting Party’, all of whom add some great layers to the tracks they feature on, giving it even more strengths.

Linkin Park seem to have pushed out one of their strongest albums in years, though it isn’t without its odd flaw here and there. Whilst big flashy and aggressive openings are usually one of Linkin Park’s strong points, it doesn’t seem to have paid off as well on ‘The Hunting Party’ than the band might have wanted it to. The album itself seems to start off a little bit sluggish, taking a while for it to really open up into the strong elements that it does possess. The opening songs themselves have their own appeal sure enough, though as songs they pale somewhat when compared to the strengths of the remaining songs.

Although ‘The Hunting Party’ has a somewhat rocky start, the end result is an album that is very enjoyable on a number of levels. It seems Linkin Park have finally  managed to get things working well for themselves for the first time in years. ‘The Hunting Party’ features some great tracks, ranging from the aggressive and harsh tracks we know and love from Linkin Park, as well as some brilliant collaborative material that really broaden’s the albums palette. ‘The Hunting Party’ might not live up to the strengths of Linkin Park’s early material, but it is perhaps one of their best albums since then.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • All For Nothing
  • Until It’s Gone
  • Rebellion
  • A Line In The Sand

Linkin Park’s sixth studio album ‘The Hunting Party’ is out now.

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