This World – Watter

The new post-rock group Watter, comprised of members Zak Riles (Grails), Britt Walford (Slint) and Tyler Trotter, offer up their debut album effort titled ‘This World’. The new album expands upon what the three performers and creators know, offering an interesting instrumental rock experience that will certainly find itself pleasing to fans of the members’ previous works, as well as those who simply enjoy more experimental slants to the post-rock genre. An incredibly dark and foreboding element runs throughout ‘This World’, forming the basis of what comes across as an incredibly strong album effort.

Watter seem to have combined their collective talents together in order to present both an interesting and enjoyable album experience. There’s some rather experimental ideas present on the album, both in terms of the sound being generated by the band, as well as how the album itself is presented by its varying tracks. For the most part it’s all an incredibly interesting album experience, with the longer tracks being particularly noteworthy moments. Watter spent a lot of time building up as much atmosphere and presence as they can with these tracks, making them stand out both on the album and within their genre.

Whilst ‘This World’ features some brilliant ideas here and there, the album experience itself is marred by a few instances. The album itself seems to come across as a collection of recordings, rather than one clearly thought-out album experience. At times, a hint of an underlying element seems to come through, but whatever the element is, it doesn’t seem to be coming out as strong as Watter might like. Some people might as well find the transition from the more darker atmospheric tracks to the acoustic-tinged tracks a little to jarring as well to really work for the album itself, though something about the sudden shift in dynamic seems to work on some level.

The more subtle elements of Watter’s debut effort seem to present the whole album experience as a strong one, despite some flaws here and there. There’s an incredible amount to enjoy from the new group, who delve into a collaborative effort with such ease. ‘This World’ features a good selection of incredibly strong tracks, featuring some interesting elements here and there that certainly separate Watter away from the many bands working in the same genre. One can only hope that Watter won’t end up as a brief side project, and that the three musicians will one day reunite to produce even more brilliant music.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Rustic Fog
  • Small Business
  • Sea Water
  • This World

Watter’s debut album ‘This World’ is out now.

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