Atlas – Astralia

Post-Rock band Astralia’s latest work titled ‘Atlas’ offers us, in many ways, the typical post-rock experience. The band present us with driving instrumental rock tunes that encompass everything the genre represents. However, unlike the average post-rock band, who simply offer only the bare minimum, Astralia offer up an incredible sounding post-rock experience, showcasing a phenomenal understanding of the genre, as well as presenting it in a cohesive and brilliant form. ‘Atlas’ features everything one would love from a post-rock album, and just a little bit more as well.

Astralia certainly seem to know what they’re doing when it comes to their post-rock compositions. What makes ‘Atlas’ work well as an album is how the tracks featured in the album work well in the contexts of stand-alone tracks and as a complete album experience. One could easily enjoy the various songs in various different contexts, whilst also at other times enjoy how well the album works as a whole. On top of all this though is how well Astralia sound as a post-rock group. Their’s a lot to be enjoyed from this band, who seem to be pushing themselves to really create some great post-rock music.

As an album, there is very little that is wrong with ‘Atlas’, which seems to just work incredibly well, offering us a great album experience in every song. One might argue perhaps that the style being offered up by the band doesn’t really vary a great deal from what the general output of post-rock is. Certainly at times there’s an element in one or two tracks that we’re simply hearing another version of what we’ve already heard before in the genre. However, Astralia seem to present everything with such confidence and strength that comparisons to other bands seems pointless.

Astralia have done themselves proud with ‘Atlas’, which comes across as an incredibly strong post-rock release, and one that is easily enjoyable for a great number of reasons. The band themselves certainly seem to have a great amount to offer to the post-rock genre, and certainly know and understand how to write and present a strong album experience. Astralia certainly seem to know exactly what they’re doing, and have managed to really utilize their talents to create and present a great post-rock album that can be enjoyed by many.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • You Are Here
  • Atlas
  • Heading Home
  • Sans Soleil

Astralia’s new album ‘Atlas’ is out now. 

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