The Stars Will Shine – Linear Bells

Ambient musician David Teboul, working under the moniker of Linear Bells, offers up his grand masterpiece ‘The Stars Will Shine’. The latest album comprises 15 tracks set across two discs of music, offering us just shy of two and a half hours of music. There is an incredible amount on offer here from Teboul, who manages to create a very fine and cohesive album which features a wide variety of ambient styles and techniques. ‘The Stars Will Shine’ is indeed a very long and thus a somewhat challenging listen, though it is one that is highly rewarding, and features ambient music at arguably its best.

There’s an incredible amount on offer from Teboul, who manages to not only present a brilliant ambient album experience, but also one that manages to shift things around somewhat. ‘The Stars Will Shine’ seems to encompass a great many variations on the ambient style, ranging from orchestral compositions, to field recordings and ambient drones. What works though is how well the styles work with each other on the album itself. Teboul manages to string together the various styles remarkably well, resulting in a strong album experience that flows from track to track with effortless ease.

‘The Stars Will Shine’ is in many ways a fine accomplishment, and is perhaps one of the best sounding ambient albums out there currently. The only real worrying element is that the album’s lengthy running time offers up a very challenging listening experience. Whilst there’s a lot to enjoy from the album, which features incredibly strong songs, it doesn’t seem like ‘The Stars Will Shine’ is an album that can easily be listened to in one sitting. We can consider the fact though that the album itself does feel like it is split into two separate album experiences, offering us some relief to the lengthy listen.

As an album, ‘The Stars Will Shine’ is certainly challenging for the most part, though everything it offers is just brilliant. The wonderful range of ambient styles keeps the album fresh and interesting, whilst also working well in context with each other. Teboul seems to have outdone himself on his latest recordings which seems to encompass the great many strengths of ambient music, as well as the many capabilities the genre can put on offer. ‘The Stars Will Shine’ is certainly a challenging listen, though one that is clearly an accomplishment from the composer.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • San Francisco Broke My Heart
  • Little And Pretty
  • The King And The Frog
  • L’oiseau

Linear Bells’ latest album ‘The Stars Will Shine’ is out now.

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