Coast – Dad School

Musician and composer Andrew Nolan offers up one of his latest releases under his moniker of Dad School titled ‘Coast’. The new album from Nolan comprises five tracks, featuring an interesting blend of post-rock aesthetics. For the most part, ‘Coast’ feels very stripped down, featuring very minimal effects to present the album itself. It all works rather well for the most part, with much of the album demonstrating some interesting ideas and compositions. Fans of post-rock music will more than likely find some very enjoyable elements from Nolan, who certainly has his own vision when creating his music.

Whilst ‘Coast’ as an album might not demonstrate the larger and more grander moments of the post-rock genre, there is still a lot to be desired in its more minimal approach to the genre. Most of the tracks featured on the album feel rather natural, with nothing sounding over-produced for the sake of production. Post-rock elements allow themselves to build up carefully, creating their own visions of worlds expressed through the music itself. Each song seems to contribute very nicely towards the overall album’s effect, giving the whole album a very rounded feel to it.

For the most part, Nolan has managed to create a strong album experience that is very enjoyable for the most part. Whilst many of the songs display some very strong elements, they also seem to demonstrate a few weaknesses that seem to regrettably ruin the album’s overall impact. A few of the songs whilst featuring some brilliantly creative moments seem to drag on just a little too long, thus no longer justifying their rather long running-time. Most of the album works rather well, but a few moments here and there just seem to add an element of dullness to it all, thus preventing the album from being as strong as Nolan might like.

‘Coast’ isn’t a perfect post-rock album by any means. Whilst it sports a few weaknesses here and there, both musically and structurally, it does also more often than not demonstrate some very interesting ideas. There’s a fair amount that’s actually happening on ‘Coast’ that does help to keep the whole album experience rather interesting. Nolan certainly has managed to create something interesting here, although for the most part it doesn’t really pay off. At least there’s enough here to make the album worth it as a whole.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • When The Wind
  • When The Wind (With Movement)
  • Two Suns

Dad School’s latest album ‘Coast’ is out now.

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