Heading Into Land – The Sons

Alternative rock band The Sons offer up their latest album ‘Heading Into Land’, featuring a blend of alternative rock tracks in a variety of styles. Much of ‘Heading Into Land’ is made up of somewhat simple sounding yet well presented alternative styles, echoing various bands such as Wilco, Crowded House, Eels and even Beck at times. Most of ‘Heading Into Land’ feels well presented, with the varying alternative styles working well with each other to create a full album experience. There’s a fair amount to be enjoyed from The Sons, though their album perhaps doesn’t work as well as they might have wished for.

‘Heading Into Land’ seems to come across as an album of musicians who are really enjoying the process of presenting their music. Something about the performances on the album itself give off an impression that The Sons are having a lot of fun writing, performing and recording their music, giving their album a very nice edge. Most of the tracks featured on ‘Heading Into Land’ easily put a smile on your face, especially when the album really gets into itself and gets stronger and stronger. There’s a lot to be enjoyed from The Sons who seem to have a really good firm grasp of the alternative rock genre, and what it is they can do of it.

Whilst there’s a lot to be enjoyed on ‘Heading Into Land’, the album itself is let down on a few counts, especially at the beginning where the opening tracks fail to make any impressive impact upon the listener. There’s something a little lackluster about the opening, giving the album itself a sluggish start that doesn’t create any good impression. It seems the album does manage to get going after a while, but it is still interspersed with rather weak songs that don’t seem to do much for the album itself, and instead feel a little bit like filler material.

Whilst there’s a few weak songs featured on the album, there’s still some lovely elements and some lovely songs being presented by The Sons, who certainly have a lot of talent as a band. Most of the songs present some very nice themes and ideas from The Sons, showcasing them at their best as an alternative rock band. Although the album’s first half feels rather weak to begin with, there’s a very enjoyable second half on the album that certainly offers a very nice amount. Whilst ‘Heading Into Land’ is not a perfect album, it is certainly a very enjoyable album at times.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Crowd Went Wild
  • Relic
  • We See Stars
  • Flash And Bang

The Sons’ latest album ‘Heading Into Land’ is out now.

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