Wrap Your Bones – Arcelia

Folk-trio Arcelia, from East Kent in England, offer up their latest album ‘Wrap You Bones’. The new album from the trio features a very enjoyable collection of contemporary folk/acoustic music, showcasing the bands’ many talents as a band. The album features some very strong songs, contributing nicely towards an overall album experience that contains a few little twists and turns to keep it interesting whilst not being too polarizing. For the most part much of Arcelia’s efforts have worked very nicely, with ‘Wrap Your Bones’ coming across as a very enjoyable album experience.

Much of Arcelia’s strengths seem to come from their simple ability to not over-produce the music they are creating, and instead just let their own talents reign free and speak for themselves in each of the songs. There’s a lot to enjoy from the new album, which features gentle instrumentals accompanied by a variety of different vocal styles in the various songs. ‘Wrap Your Bones’ featured gentle tracks whilst also keeping itself interesting through simple variation. The album itself is a rather enjoyable listening experience, which will certainly find a home for those who enjoy gentle contemporary folk-music.

Whilst Arcelia demonstrate a great number of talents and creative ideas on their latest album, it seems that there’s a few negative traits that slightly dampen the effect of the whole album itself. Whilst the album gets off to a very strong start, it feels that the whole album experience seems to become a little bit sluggish as it progresses. Something about the songs featured during these sections just don’t seem to live up to the strengths previously displayed, giving it a slightly poor quality. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the tracks themselves, though sadly they don’t seem to add up to a great amount.

Whilst ‘Wrap Your Bones’ does feature some regrettably poor songs, it does come across that the efforts and creative ideas of Arcelia has resulted in a very enjoyable album experience. There’s something just lovely and gentle about the music featured on the album that helps to make it a very enjoyable album. It’s also very accessible for the most part, featuring musical elements that don’t sound weird or unusual. Perhaps it’s a little bit too safe at times, but as an album it’s all been presented very strongly, making it a very good album experience.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • 45 Seconds
  • Long Man
  • Busking Birds
  • Save Your Soul

Arcelia’s latest album ‘Wrap Your Bones’ is out now.

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