.cut | St-Onge – .cut | St-Onge

Improvisational artists .cut (Albérick) and Alexandre St-Onge team up for a partnered self-titled release, both joining their creative forces together in the form of a singular track which encompasses many elements of the experimental and sound-art. The resulting recording seems to follow on from many of .cut and St-Onge’s previous releases, utilizing the almost ominous hums and hisses of the recording process, as well as a few experimental techniques thrown into the mix. Music this peculiar and particular might struggle to find it’s audience, but those who know and enjoy the music of either artist or both will find a lot to enjoy from these incredibly experimental artists.

‘.cut | St-Onge’ consist of one singular track performed live by both artists, offering a semi-improvised fully-experimental track that expresses great thought and consideration into the complexities of sound itself. Whilst .cut carefully places the layers down that build up the track itself, St-Onge builds upon it with the double-bass, adding much to the track’s structure and appearance. Whilst there’s something enjoyable to those who appreciate experimental sound-art, the track itself is as expected an incredibly inaccessible listen. There’s very little here to appeal to people, though this hardly comes across as a criticism but more as a gentle warning. The recording itself seems to come across as a musical experience that forces us to really perceive the way we actually listen and absorb music itself, making ‘.cut | St-Onge’ a very interesting experience. In terms of the sound being produced, it might just consist of hums and hisses and improvisational double-bass, though this gives the recording its character and (in some odd way) appeal.

.cut & Alexandre St-Onge have managed to produce an incredibly inaccessible and at times incredibly confusing track, but there’s something about the whole experience that is just interesting. The improvisational elements of the music itself gives the whole experience a very unexpected feeling, which works very well with the very ominous and foreboding image that is given off. Yes, everything on the recording is odd and confusing, but that is exactly what both artists in question want to present, and they’ve done it incredibly well, especially for an experimental sound-art performance.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Untitled

.cut | St-Onge’s latest release ‘.cut | St-Onge’ is out now.

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