Wayfarers All – Green Diesel

Following on from the successful 2012 release of ‘Now Is The Time’, folk-rock band Green Diesel offer their second studio-album ‘Wayfarers All’. The new album sees Green Diesel building up on the groundwork from their previous album and truly reaching new heights as they delve deep into the folk genre, taking small bits here and there and re-interpreting them, as well as presenting their own understanding of the genre in the form of their own songs. The result is nothing short of brilliant, with ‘Wayfarers All’ coming across as a phenomenal successor to the already brilliant previous album.

Something about ‘Wayfarers All’ feels much more thought out and planned, giving a great deal of strength to the album itself. Green Diesel seems to have found themselves musically, and are now truly utilizing their talents and creative ideas to really push out some great songs. Each of the band members contribute enormously to the overall sound, giving a great amount to the actual quality of the songs themselves. There’s a lovely variety of tracks as well, ranging from traditional folk-tracks to more alternative-rock orientated tracks. Everything results in a wonderful album experience where each song works well in the album’s context, and as tracks that can easily be listened to on their own.

It seems that there’s very little wrong with ‘Wayfarers All’ as an album, which comes across as Green Diesel progressing their already existing strengths. It’s arguable that musically the album is perhaps not too adventurous for the most part, with everything sounding a little too safe. However, this is hardly a problem at all, as the album itself still comes across as an incredibly enjoyable, showcasing folk music brilliantly. It’s also arguable that the album’s closing tracks perhaps don’t meet up to the standard of the rest of the album, though their inclusion on the album itself still feels totally justified.

Green Diesel have done themselves proud with ‘Wayfarers All’, which in many ways surpasses the bands’ previous efforts. Green Diesel have masterfully managed to both reinterpret traditional songs in their own style, as well as bundle them together with songs written by the various band members. To some extent, it all feels like everything the band attempted on ‘Now Is The Time’, but simply done better and much more strongly. ‘Wayfarers All’ is a lovely and wonderful accomplishment from a band who seem to only be doing better and better with each day. One can hope this streak continues for many years to come.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Mad Tom Of Bedlam
  • A Fisherman, Once
  • Shiny O’Drummond Castle
  • Let No Man Steal Your Thyme

Green Diesel’s latest album ‘Wayfarers All’ is out now.

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