Sensory Overdub – Lachrylic

Rednetic Recordings latest release features composer Stuart Bowditch working again under the moniker of Lachrylic, presenting his latest release titled ‘Sensory Overdub’. The new album from the electronic artists seems to combine varying elements of electronic music with dub and ambient to create an interesting album experience which flows comfortably and effortlessly. Bowditch’s compositions create wonderful images and impressions, building up the album nicely, all of which is presented in a great style by the music included.

Bowditch’s talents seem to be in his more subtle approach to the composition of his own songs, and in how these songs are presented on the album itself. The track listing is made up seemingly random words, with one later being changed each time until we transition from Tacit to Hides. As well as in their names, the music itself seems to take on shapes in each of the songs, changing subtly as they transition to the next track to give an impression of a steady flow in the album itself. It works very nicely, with many of the songs on the album contributing nicely to the overall image and impression that Bowditch is hoping to present.

Whilst many elements come together nicely on ‘Sensory Overdub’, it feels as though certain tracks don’t seem to be pulling their weight. Whilst there’s a lovely flow to the album, it comes across that certain tracks are in fact weaker than some of the others on the album, especially in the last half of the album which seems to have a little bit of a lackluster feel to it at certain points within the track. Considering the strength of the album’s opening tracks, it feels a little disappointing that the rest of the album features sections and moments that don’t live up to the strength that the album opens up with.

‘Sensory Overdub’ might have a few flaws in a few places, but it seems the overall impression that the album gives off is one that is strong. Most of the album’s effects are quite subtle, giving the songs a nice element to them. Whilst some songs are weaker than others, it does feel that each of the songs featured on the album in fact contribute very nicely to the overall impression of the album as well, and thus validating their inclusion on the album itself. Whilst not quite electronic and not quite ambient, ‘Sensory Overdub’ comes across as a very enjoyable record with a fair amount to offer.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Tacit
  • Tacet
  • Faces
  • Fades

Lachrylic’s latest album ‘Sensory Overdub’ is out on the 24th August 2014.

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