True That – Michael Cera

true that cover art

Actor Michael Cera seems to have strayed away from his acting career just momentarily, for the subtle and quiet release of his first solo-album titled ‘True That’. The debut album from Cera comprises a whole collection of songs home recorded by Cera seemingly in his own free-time. For the most part, there’s something rather charming and enjoyable about the new album effort, which shows us a rather nice and intimate side to Michael Cera’s personality. The album is mostly made up of lo-fi/acoustic and some experimental tracks that seem rather simple and easy, though something about it all comes across rather nicely.

 Cera’s album doesn’t seem to be an effort to impress and astound all who listen to it, but rather a record that is simply an expression of his own feelings and ideas. Something about the music featured on the record feels rather sincere and nice. Nothing is too perfect on the record, though in an odd way, it adds a little charm to the album itself. There’s some interesting experimental ideas in a few of the songs, as well as some more traditional sounding tracks that push forward the whole singer/songwriter element of the album. All of these little ideas and experiments all seem to work rather nicely, resulting in an interesting album experience.

There’s a fair amount to be enjoyed on ‘True That’, which features some really nice tracks. Whilst not a huge problem, the album’s lo-fi elements result in a few tracks being a little bit too amateur to really make the album work brilliantly. Certain tracks as well seem to push some experimental ideas a little too much, making it sound a little bit too disjointed and confusing for it to compliment the albums overall sound. Whilst there’s very noticeable weak elements to the album itself, there’s a sense that it just doesn’t matter though, as this feels like an album released just for the heck of it, where pleasing people is an added bonus for Cera.

A lot of ‘True That’ feels rather amateur, and in essence it is, but this somehow gives the whole album a weird appealing element. A few really nice songs are supported by some rather good ones, making the whole album work rather nicely for the most part. As an album, ‘True That’ is rather quirky, upbeat and at times a little somber. It’s an interesting release that is certainly really enjoyable, showcasing us another side to Michael Cera’s personality, and what he is capable of. After the efforts on ‘True That’, it’d be very interesting to see Cera taking everything a step further, and properly recording his very own solo album. For now though, we can enjoy the very nice effort released thus far.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Too Much
  • 2048
  • Ruth
  • Those Days

Michael Cera’s debut album ‘True That’ is out now.

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