Another Language – This Will Destroy You

Post-Rock or self-proclaimed ‘doom-gaze’ band This Will Destroy You offer their latest and third studio-album released titled ‘Another Language’. The new album seems the Texan post-rockers turning new pages in their repertoire, showcasing new ideas and new styles that help prove how important the band is to the post-rock scene. ‘Another Language’ is made up of delicate movements, ranging dynamics and crunching crescendos that all equate to beautiful music. It seems This Will Destroy You have learnt from a few of their mistakes on their previous albums, and are now progressing forward in the music scene, taking forward everything worthwhile that they’ve learnt, resulting in one of the best album experiences from the band thus far.

‘Another Language’ seems to follow on a lot from the bands’ previous album ‘Tunnel Blanket’. Whilst the shoe-gaze or ‘doom-gaze’ elements remain on the new album, it seems much more refined and concise, as though the band has managed to work out exactly how they want their own genre and style to sound. Musically, ‘Another Language’ is much more richer than its predecessor, with the compositional elements of the tracks themselves feeling much more complete and thought-out, resulting in a much more enjoyable album experience. It all feels like a good step in the right direction for This Will Destroy You, who have managed to bring back some beauty into their music.

This Will Destroy You have managed to push out what comes across as a highly enjoyable album experience with ‘Another Language’. The album itself seems to push forward a lot of the ideas the band have been playing with in some of their previous releases, though this time it all seems to work. It could be argued though that ‘Another Language’ is perhaps a little bit too indulgent of droning elements, rather than using instruments to create beautiful and complex instrumental sections. It seems apparent by this stage that we might not hear music as strong and as enjoyable as the bands’ first EP release ‘Young Mountain’, though we can at least enjoy the bands’ current output which seems to finally be working well for them.

It seems there’s a lot to enjoy on ‘Another Language’, which manages to take a lot of the elements from the bands previous albums, and rework it all into something great that works well. There’s a great number of enjoyable tracks present on the album, a few of which might go on to be some of This Will Destroy You’s fans absolute favourites. It really feels like the band is back on track now after the highly challenging and sadly disappointing release of ‘Tunnel Blanket’. This Will Destroy You seem to have found their own sound, and are now pushing it for all they’ve got. This time though, it’s working, and it’s exciting to see where it’s all going for the band.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • New Topia
  • Dustism
  • Invitation
  • Memory Loss

This Will Destroy You’s third studio album ‘Another Language’ is set for release on 12th September 2014.

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