Human Voice – Dntel

Electronic musician and composer James ‘Jimmy’ Tamborello presents the latest album under his moniker Dntel titled ‘Human Voice’. The new album seems to stray away from the cute indie-pop sentiments of Tamborello’s previous studio albums, instead opting for electronic beats and elements of glitch music, similar to Tamborello’s beginnings in the music scene. ‘Human Voice’ is perhaps a departure for Tamborello, considering the enjoyable output of his previous efforts, though there’s something interesting about ‘Human Voice’, which demonstrates some very nice ideas here and there.

In some ways, ‘Human Voice’ doesn’t really feel all that much like a typical Dntel record. After the 2001 release of ‘Life Is Full Of Possibilities’ and it’s 2007 follow-up album ‘Dumb Luck’, it seemed that Tamborello had found his voice in cute electronic indie-pop music. ‘Human Voice’ seems to depart greatly from this style, featuring somewhat typical electronic instrumentals, accompanied by glitchy motifs here and there. There’s something interesting about this recent output from Dntel, which seems to demonstrate some new and interesting ideas from Tamborello, most of which seem to have come across very well, resulting in an interesting album experience.

Perhaps it’s a shame that Tamborello hasn’t produced another album experience that is equally as cute and accessible as his previous album efforts. Going into ‘Human Voice’ with his previous albums in minds can result in a jarring and confusing album experience, which is in some ways quite inaccessible for the most part. There’s a lot of merit to be found in Tamborello’s recent album, though as much as he’s managed to produce something new and interesting, it still comes across as music that is sadly much weaker than his previous album efforts.

It’s interesting that Tamborello has strayed away from what could be deemed as his own strengths. ‘Human Voice’ isn’t let down by the lack of cute indie-pop elements, but it does feel like a somewhat weaker album. It still contains many merits of its own though, and will certainly come across as an enjoyable album to those who are more willing for artists to try new or different things. In fairness to Tamborello, his return to glitch/electronic music seems to have worked somewhat well, as ‘Human Voice’ seems to come across as a nice and enjoyable album within its own genre.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Selected Songs:

  • Fringes Of Focus
  • Bike Path
  • Bay Loop
  • Ashby

Dntel’s latest album ‘Human Voice’ is set for release on 23rd September 2014.

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