Rain Finally Came – Eoin Glackin

Irish singer-songwriter Eoin Glackin presents his second full-length studio album titled ‘Rain Finally Came’. The new album sees the young aspiring musician offering up his own branch of simple and enjoyable acoustic/folk music. On his latest album, Glackin uses his experiences in his own life, presenting it in the form of rather bittersweet yet humble and enjoyable acoustic tracks. For someone so young, Glackin seems to have a great amount to say, which he does do to great degrees on his latest album, resulting in what comes across as an enjoyable album experience.

What seems to make ‘Rain Finally Came’ work as an album is what seems to come across as Glackin’s honesty in his approach to his own subject matter. Something about Glackin just feels wonderfully sincere and honest, giving a great amount of strength to the music itself. Musically, the album sounds nice, featuring mostly Glackin on acoustic guitar, backed up by a wonderful array of backing musicians who add a lot of depth and weight to the music itself. At the forefront of everything though is Glackin’s own vocal style, which feels both powerful yet relaxing.

Whilst there’s a lot to enjoy on ‘Rain Finally Came’, the album itself is let down by the simple element that one or two of the songs on the album seem to sound a little too similar to each other, resulting in an album experience that feels as though it’s dragging on due to what comes across as a repetitive nature in the songs themselves. There’s some level of diversity on the album between all the separate songs, but a few songs on the album fail to leave any impact at all. It’s not enough to drag down the overall album, but it feels like something that cannot be ignored when the album is listened to in its entirety.

Despite one or two flaws here and there, Eoin Glackin has managed to produce what comes across as a lovely and sincere album experience. Glackin seems to make the whole song-writing process look incredibly easy, making the music feel simple when in fact there’s a lot going on. Glackin might be a young musician, but he comes across as one who clearly has a lot to say, of which he does so in a very enjoyable style. It’s easy to see why Glackin is becoming one of Irelands’ emerging singer-songwriters, as he is certainly an individual with a lot to offer.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Dancing Anymore
  • Mrs Campbell
  • No-One Had A Light
  • The Hour’s Gone Too Late (For Holding Hands)

Eoin Campbell’s second studio album ‘Rain Finally Came is set for release on 18th August 2014.

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