The Golden Echo – Kimbra

Singer and song-writer Kimbra, (known for her vocals in the renowned track ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ by Gotye), offers up her second full-length studio album titled ‘The Golden Echo’. The new album from Kimbra sees the singer blending together electroacoustic elements with synth-pop and soft-rock to create a somewhat interesting album experience. On ‘The Golden Echo’, Kimbra seems to combine a number of different elements together, resulting in what sadly comes across as a complete mess of an album, jumping from weird disjointed track to even more weird disjointed tracks.

Kimbra seems to have her own style when it comes to her own branch of music, and its here we see some strengths to what Kimbra is pushing out. ‘The Golden Echo’ comes across as a rather challenging listen, bombarding the listener with shifting structures and movements, all featuring Kimbra though to varying degrees. Kimbra’s own vocal style seems to range from soulful vocal expression to unusual glitch-like elements. The whole album is incredibly rich and vibrant, constantly introducing new ideas and new elements here and there.

Whilst Kimbra certainly pushes out a lot on her latest album, it seems the whole experience is incredibly disappointing. It seemed as though Kimbra’s greatest strength was her own natural voice, but nothing about ‘The Golden Echo’ feels natural at all. Everything is just disjointed and odd, not really adhering to much of a structure. Whilst this works for some musicians and composers, it doesn’t seem to work well for Kimbra, who instead comes across as a musician trying her best to just do the popular thing without knowing how to really go about it.

There’s some enjoyable tracks on ‘The Golden Echo’, some of which certainly show off some nice talents of Kimbra’s, though sadly the whole album experience seems to fall incredibly flat, showcasing a great number of ideas that have absolutely nothing to offer. Musically the album is rather annoying at times, featuring instruments and vocal presentations that don’t actually sound all that nice. We’ve heard some great talents from Kimbra before, so why has her latest album resulted in a weird messy collage that barely works well as an album?

Album Rating:

  • ★★☆☆☆ 2/5

Selected Songs:

  • Carolina
  • Waltz Me To The Grave

Kimbra’s second studio album ‘The Golden Echo’ is set for release on 19th August 2014.

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