Peter Broderick & Gabriel Saloman – Peter Broderick & Gabriel Saloman

Multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick teams up with the experimental Vancouver based Gabriel Saloman, for the release of their new self-titled album. The new album from these two musicians comprises five tracks of great varying length, indulging in classical musical elements with a few hints of ambient and experimental thrown into the mix. Across the five tracks we’re treated to some absolutely beautiful music, where a great abundance of ideas all come quietly together to present something really worthwhile. Whilst at times it might be a challenging listen, there’s an idea that this might perhaps be some of the best work from both artists.

On the new album, both musicians combine their respective talents and creative ideas in a very comfortable way. Much of the album is made up of orchestral movements, somewhat similar to the types of classical music often heard in film soundtracks. This is all mixed up from time to time with the inclusion of a few experimental ideas, which never seem to disrupt the heart-aching flow of the music itself. Even the more challenging elements of the album, including the long track-listing of two of the songs, don’t seem to weigh the album down, and in fact seem to add much more to the music itself.

Broderick & Saloman’s elements and creative ideas on their self-titled effort all seem to have come together in a brilliant and cohesive manner, resulting in a very interesting and beautiful record. We can perhaps be somewhat critical of the incredibly melancholy tone to the whole album, which seems to shroud all of the music in a very haunting veil that can be difficult to get into. Those though who enjoy music that can be described as sad though won’t have any issue here, and most likely will enjoy just how emotional the music actually is.

‘Peter Broderick & Gabriel Saloman’ comes across as an absolutely beautiful record, where each and every musical element and motif all equate to some of the most haunting yet wonderful music. Everything seems very careful and at times deliberate, whilst also having a very natural and almost loose feel to it all. It’s incredibly emotional music, and perhaps some of the best material from either musician thus far, (both of whom have previously released some incredibly strong records). The whole album comes across as a great accomplishment, and one that certainly warrants more in the future. We can only hope though.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Lament
  • Man Of The Streets
  • Lament For Philip Seymour Hoffman
  • Bigger Time

Peter Broderick & Gabriel Saloman’s new album ‘Peter Broderick & Gabriel Saloman’ is out now.

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