Kerretta – Pirohia

New Zealand post-rockers Kerretta storm into the scene with their third full-length studio album ‘Pirohia’. The new album sees the band expanding upon their many strengths, enveloping their listeners in a grand post-rock album experience. It is easy to see the many strengths in the band’s latest album, which seems to just get better and better with each song they present. Whilst the album itself might demonstrate some rather typical post-rock elements from time to time, the whole album seems to come across as one big impressive experience, showcasing post-rock music at its best.

Kerretta’s strengths seem to come from their understanding of shifting dynamics, how navigating from quiet build-ups to loud crescendos can equate to some really enjoyable music. There’s real craftsmanship in the songs on the album, which show careful consideration to the movement of the songs themselves, and how they come across when they build up and slow down. What’s interesting is how Kerretta manage to present their own branch of post-rock music as their own, rather than just repeating the strengths of many already-existing post-rock bands. There’s an incredible amount to enjoy here, with Kerretta coming across as an incredibly strong band.

As an album, there seems to be little that’s wrong with ‘Pirohia’. The instrumentals of the various songs all showcase some great ideas, many of which have been presented in a brilliant way. At times, Kerretta’s style seems to border on the typical post-rock style, giving a sense that the band haven’t added all that much into their own style of the genre. Whilst a great number of the songs on the album are brilliant, a few seem to just border on typical ‘cresendocore’ styles, with the band not adding enough into it to really make it work. Thankfully though, Kerretta manage to inject enough brilliance into the album as a whole to overlook any flaws.

Kerretta’s ‘Pirohia’ comes across as one of the more enjoyable post-rock album experiences of this year. There’s enough in the music itself to give it a fresh and almost original quality (at least in some of the tracks). The album itself works brilliantly as a whole, featuring a wonderful and incredibly dynamic flow as it navigates from track to track. Kerretta seem to have a great post-rock style going for them, and we can only hope that this garners them the attention that they really deserve, as they are indeed one of the better post-rock bands out there.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • Ossein Trail
  • Warnlands
  • Kawea Tātou Ki Ngā Hiwi
  • The Last Rivers

Kerretta’s third studio album ‘Pirohia’ is set for release on the 5th September 2014.

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