On The Outside – Jona Overground

Made up of two individuals named Jon & Anna, Jona Overground present their debut album ‘On The Outside’. The new album showcases Jona Overground’s gentle yet enjoyable style of melodic pop music. On their new album, Jona Overground seem to really push out all their strengths, though in a surprisingly subtle and effective way. There’s a somewhat reserved quality to ‘On The Outside’, giving the whole album a lovely and warm feeling to it all. There’s a fair amount to enjoy from Jona Overground, who show that they certainly have a lot of talent as pop musicians.

‘On The Outside’ benefits from its reserved and gentle presentation, making the album feel incredibly appealing and just lovely from start to finish. Anna’s vocal style works wonderfully with the instrumentals used to build up the songs, somehow managing to intertwine itself into the music, without forcing itself forward. It’s lovely and understated and it’s here where we find the really appealing elements of Jona Overground’s music. Everything feels like it’s all been created out of a love for music, rather than a means to make money.

If any criticism is to be found, it is arguably within how the songs on the album mostly sound similar to each other, and don’t really demonstrate that much of an interesting range from the band. Most tracks seem to meander around similar sounding instrumentals and sadly similar sounding vocal styles, with only the lyrics being of any notable difference. The album itself isn’t really dominated by this flaw, though its appearance sadly does put a dampener on the overall albums effect, which sadly isn’t as strong as it could have possibly been.

Whilst one or two tracks don’t really step up to the mark of the album, the whole album experience still comes across as a very enjoyable one, and one that lovers of contemporary pop music will find a lot to enjoy from. Jona Overground have a lovely style to their music, and their partnership is one that clearly works well, with each member adding great amounts to the music itself. At times, it might sound like somewhat typical pop music, but it’s in how Jona Overground express their music as their own do we see the strengths to their music.

Album Rating:

  • ★★★★☆  4/5

Selected Songs:

  • If You Were Free
  • Caught In A Line
  • Let’s Pretend
  • Fallout

Jona Overground’s debut album ‘On The Outside’ is out now.

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